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Perfect Path™ by PPC® CES [email protected] 2009 Product Preview

Perfect Pathâ„¢ by PPCA®


[email protected]

2009 Product Preview

Nov. 10, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City

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Perfect Path by PPC Contact:

Matt Read

Marketing Communications Manager

Tel: +1.315.431.7305


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Agency Contact:

Michael Kroll

Wall Street Communications

Tel: +1.919.803.3770


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Company Background:

In the consumer electronics industry, constant changes in technology, customer demands, and a turbulent economic climate provide challenges that seem to change every day. Meet a new brand with fresh innovative solutions… a company dedicated to solving consumer problems and delivering the ultimate experience: Perfect Pathâ„¢ by PPCA®. PPC, the worldwide leader in connective technology, believes that solution-based thinking is the only way to succeed in today’s world. Solution-based innovation is what consumers demand, and PPC believes that innovation is vital to creating products and services that enhance the consumer experience. Perfect Path takes the professional-grade products used by major broadband and satellite providers and puts them in the hands of the consumer.

PPC is the proven worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of connector technology for various industries around the globe. With more patents in connector technology than any other company worldwide, PPC has pioneered many of the advancements in use today by the cable TV, satellite, broadband, and wireless industries. PPC’s innovations include the Universal Compression Connector, widely used by all major cable TV and satellite companies, the wireless compression connector for the wireless industry, and the Perfect Path line of high-retention locking HDMI connectors and professional-grade interconnect products for the retail industry. Headquartered in East Syracuse, N.Y., Perfect Path by PPC also has locations in Denmark, St. Kitts, and China. More information is available at


Perfect Pathâ„¢ by PPCA® at CES

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[email protected]

2009, Perfect Pathâ„¢ by PPCA®, whose innovative products are behind the wall in more than 100 million homes, will present several new products built to address the needs of consumers. The impact of these products is simple: give the consumer the best home theater experience possible. Perfect Path’s consumer cables, which include the only patented locking HDMI cable to prevent loosening at the port, feature maximum performance and reliability driven by decades of innovation, product research, patent development, and customer commitment.

Perfect Pathâ„¢ by PPCA® Products at CES

[email protected]


Perfect Pathâ„¢ PerfectLockâ„¢ Locking HDMI Cable — Superior High-Quality Performance With Secure-Holdâ„¢

Consumers continue to find loose cables as a major problem in their HD experience. Imagine an HDMI cable with performance to 1080p and beyond that stays secure in the HDMI port, and provides maximum picture quality 100 percent of the time.

In keeping with its deserved reputation for innovation, Perfect Pathâ„¢ will highlight its second-generation PerfectLockâ„¢ locking HDMI cable, a patented locking device that grips a port with ten times the strength of conventional connectors for more than 25 pounds of retention. This exclusive cable not only delivers top-quality 1080p HDTV video and DolbyA® Digital DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio for the ultimate HD experience, but also provides unsurpassed reliability with the distinctive strength and flexibility afforded by Perfect Path’s Perfect Flexâ„¢ jacket.

Perfect Pathâ„¢ Perfect Flexâ„¢ Line of Broadband Coaxial Cables — Superior Electrical Performance, Micro-Crack Resistant

The Perfect Flexâ„¢ line of broadband coaxial cables incorporates Perfect Path’sâ„¢ and PPCA®’s extensive knowledge of the cable industry into a cost-effective, high-performance line of coaxial cable products. A future-ready solution, the Perfect Flex coaxial cable offers electrical performance of up to 3 GHz to easily accommodate the data transfer rate demands of today and tomorrow. For high reliability and lasting quality, the Perfect Flex line features micro-crack resistance with superior flexibility and advanced corrosion inhibitors. Perfect Path’s coaxial cables utilize the latest eco-friendly manufacturing processes to provide consumers with a greener home theater.

Perfect Pathâ„¢ F-Type Coaxial Cable Interconnects — Perfect for Self-Install, High-Quality, Tool-Free Cable

Getting the perfect picture from an in-home coaxial connection can be difficult. The Perfect Pathâ„¢ F-Type coaxial cable features an easy-to-see indicator that shows users exactly when the optimal connection has been achieved.

Perfect Path designed its F-Type coaxial cable to ensure a just-right connection — not too tight and not too loose — for a trouble-free signal. A true 75-ohm connector with a copper center pin and interference protection, Perfect Path’s F-Type coaxial cable features an innovative, patented design with a unique, easy-to-see indicator to show when optimal connection has been achieved. An oversized locking nut supports easy, tool-free installation.

Perfect Pathâ„¢ Component Video — Video Cable With Superior Conductivity, for Analog and HD

As TV technology continues to improve, only one cable has been designed to keep the video on the right path.

Optimized for 1080i HD video and beyond, Perfect Pathâ„¢ component video cables feature split-tip center contacts for high-quality signal transfer, a copper center for superior conductivity, and an expandable ground shield that accommodates a range of port sizes.

Perfect Pathâ„¢ Digital Audio Coax S/PDIF — Flexible, Excellent Signal Transfer Without Data Loss

Consumers can now choose from a huge variety of digital content, and have become accustomed to high-quality audio. This cable gives them exactly what they want: perfect audio.

Providing optimal audio signal transfer of greater than 25 Mbps DVD audio without data loss, the Digital Audio Coax S/PDIF has split-tip center contacts for excellent signal transfer and new, improved flexibility.

Perfect Pathâ„¢ Digital Audio Fiber Optic TOSLINK — Optimal Signal Transfer Fiber Optic Cables, the Perfect Fit With Component Video

As fiber optic use continues to expand, users want durable cables that provide optimal performance.

These fiber optic cables are ideal for use with component video cables, providing optimal signal transfer and enhanced flexibility with the use of all-plastic fiber cores. They support in excess of 25 Mbps of DVD audio without loss of data.

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