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PK SOUND powers bass-heavy Eclipse Stage at Sunset Music Festival 2021

Main arrays included eight Trinity robotic line source elements per side, 20 Gravity 218 subwoofers in front of the stage, and six medium-format T10s for front fills.

Calgary, AB (August 2021)—When the gates first opened for the 2021 edition of the Sunset Music Festival on May 29, eyes all over the world were seemingly locked on Tampa, Florida. After all, this year’s event was one of the first major festivals to return on a full scale post-pandemic lockdown. Wanting to deliver an experience worthy of the pent-up anticipation, organizers brought together an exciting and eclectic lineup and spectacular production packages across its three stages – including a Trinity robotic line source system from PK SOUND for the bass-heavy Eclipse Stage.

“As Florida’s first festival back, Sunset Music Festival’s objective was to spare no expense to deliver the finest experience possible,” comments John Santoro, Owner of Sunset Events. “When selecting a speaker brand for the Eclipse bass stage, we knew we needed the industry’s gold standard. PK SOUND has a well-earned global reputation for delivering powerful, high-impact audio. It’s the go-to system for many of the world’s top artists and DJs and our audio team loves it, too.”

PHOTO: Sunset Music Festival & Jason Fenmore (@ohdagyophoto)

Over the course of the festival’s two-day run, producers Sunset Events and Disco Donnie Presents welcomed high-profile artists including Zomboy, 12th Planet, Riot Ten, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, and Sullivan King to the Eclipse Stage. To satisfy the performers and the thousands of fans packed in front of them, Florida’s ESI Productions sourced a PK SOUND Trinity system and Gravity subwoofers from St. Louis, MO’s Logic Systems.

The deployment featured main arrays of eight Trinity robotic line source elements per side, 20 Gravity 218 subwoofers lining the front of the stage in stacked pairs, and six medium-format T10s serving as front fills.

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