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Powersoft Official Rep Firm Online Marketing Hits the Road for Comprehensive, 
Integrated Solutions Tour

Kearney Point, NJ, March 25, 2018 – Powersoft’s Install dedicated amplifier platforms will be showcased across the United States during an upcoming Integrated Solutions tour hosted by Online Marketing, from April 9 to 12. The tour features stops in Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Cleveland, OH. Each stop will provide ample opportunity for partners, customers and integrators to learn more about the powerful audio platforms from Powersoft and Deva employees, via demonstrations and detailed training sessions.

“We are anxious to interface with our diverse customer base in each of these major installation markets as we showcase our best-in-class Powersoft amplification platforms,” said Luca Giorgi, General Manager Powersoft North America, “We are constantly adapting our technologies to better address user needs, and we value personal engagement with our customer base as we showcase our latest innovations.”

Integrated Solution Tour dates, locations and registration information are as follows:

April 9th – Grand Rapids, MI – REGISTER HERE

April 10th – Detroit, MI – REGISTER HERE

April 11th – Pittsburgh, PA – REGISTER HERE

April 12th – Cleveland, OH – REGISTER HERE

Ottocanali, Quattrocanali, Duecanali: Elevating Installed Audio

Powersoft’s range of install-dedicated amplifiers is made of 10 products grouped in three specific categories: The Duecanali Series, the Quattrocanali Series and the Ottocanali Series. Each product platform is designed to always fit the need, catering to all system sizes, configurations and specifications.  

Providing eight, four, and two channels of amplification respectively and a range of output options up to 12,000 Watts at 4 ohms, each unit shares Powersoft’s trademark power density, efficiency, and ease of operation. Available DSP provides powerful routing, tuning, and system protection via Powersoft’s versatile Armonía software, allowing system integrators to experience flawless integration within new or existing structures, while offering venue owners unmatched performance, stability, security and cost of ownership.

During each tour stop, Powersoft staff presentations will dive into the technologies integrated into these amplifier platforms, such as universal switch mode power supplies with Power Factor Correction and patented Smart Rails Management technology — which helps maximize reliability and efficiency while reducing power consumption. Demonstrations of the Armonía software platform will uncover how the powerful DSP management tool enables users to engage in precise system tuning and routing functionality, including multistage limiting, without the need for additional hardware.

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