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The Premier Choice for DJs: BASSBOSS to Introduce VS21 “Rum Punch” Subwoofer and SV8 MicroMain at 2016 DJ Expo

BASSBOSS to Host Demonstrations of its Innovative and Intense Loudspeakers at World's Largest Gathering of Professional DJs Between August 16 and18

Atlantic City, NJ – Premium loudspeaker manufacturer BASSBOSS will be bringing their professional mobile loudspeaker systems mojo to the 2016 DJ Expo, [DJ Expo booth 1105] held in Atlantic City, NJ between August 16 and 18. In addition to hosting an exhibition booth on the trade show floor, BASSBOSS will have a dedicated demo room in Ruby Rooms A & B, where the company will conduct demonstrations of a large variety of their loudspeaker models — including the new VS21 “Rum Punch” subwoofers” and the DiaMon DJ112 DJ Monitors.

For more than 25 years, DJ Expo has played an integral role in defining and shaping the DJ community, bringing together DJs from around the world for networking opportunities, educational experiences and new gear demonstrations. As the longest running and most highly attended DJ-centric tradeshow, it is the perfect opportunity for industry professionals and end-users to engage with BASSBOSS, which has been pioneering innovative loudspeaker solutions for over 17 years.

In the BASSBOSS demonstration room, exhibition attendees will be able to experience the power, sonic definition and unrivaled bass response of some of BASSBOSS’ new and most popular products including:

VS21 “Rum Punch” Powered Subwoofer
Embodies BASSBOSS’ latest innovations in cabinet design, achieving a revolutionary balance of low end that is both impactful and full-bodied. With an output comparable to a double 18” subwoofer, the VS21 carries a frequency response of 27-100 Hz and 132 dB of output.

SSP118 Powered Subwoofer
The SSP118 is a high-powered self-amplified single 18-inch subwoofer designed to deliver the low frequency output of an average double 18” in a single 18” box. The enclosure features a single 18” woofer with a high-powered 2,400-watt Class-D amplifier, and offers response down to 30 Hz.

ZV18 Powered Subwoofer – Booth Only
Based on the groundbreaking ZV28 subwoofer design, the ZV18 Powered Sub is an extended low-frequency loudspeaker that redefines the capabilities of what a portable, single 18” subwoofer can achieve. The ZV18 features a 2,400-watt Class-D amplifier, and low frequency range extension to 21 Hz.

ZV28 Powered Subwoofer
Powered by a 4,000-Watt Class D amplifier, the ZV28’s frequency response extends to the very limits of human hearing. Notes that are simply not present with other subwoofers can be fully realized by the ZV28, and frequencies that stress lesser subs are reproduced effortlessly and powerfully.

DV8 Powered MicroMain
Elegant and extremely versatile, the DV8 is a light yet powerful loudspeaker, with a built-in 1500 Watt Class D Powersoft amplifier. It delivers a remarkable combination of flat frequency response, high output, broad coverage and long throw in a compact, lightweight and visually attractive package. For mobile DJs, or just about anyone, it’s the single best loudspeaker to have atop a pole.

AT312 Powered Reference Mains
Weighing in at just 89 lbs, the BASSBOSS AT312 is the perfect mid and high complement to BASSBOSS subwoofers. These 3-way active loudspeakers feature dual 12” woofers in a vented enclosure for low frequencies, a 12” midrange driver and a co-axially mounted 1.4” exit compression driver. When combined with BASSBOSS subwoofers, the overall result is unparalleled resolution and dynamic power for its size.

SV8 Powered MicroMain
A very compact yet remarkably high output loudspeaker, the SV8 delivers a smooth and rich sound along with an extremely flat frequency response for super-accurate critical monitoring tasks. The unit can be used as a full-range main for studio monitoring and small gigs, or as a satellite main speaker when combined with a subwoofer or two.

DiaMon DJ112 Powered Monitor
The DJ112 is an extremely high-output, compact, self-powered mid-high loudspeaker. It has the output to be used as a satellite main with double-18” subwoofers, where as a DJ monitor it provides tight, punchy sound that will not distort at high levels. As a live reinforcement speaker, it provides consistent sound quality over a wide dispersion pattern with excellent resistance to feedback. It features a 1,500-Watt 2-channel Class D amplifier.

“DJ Expo represents the perfect opportunity for the DJ community to evaluate BASSBOSS products in person,” said Lian Amber, CEO of BASSBOSS. “For us, a personalized experience is the ultimate differentiator since the quality of our products must be perceived first hand to be fully appreciated. We look forward to reconnecting with our existing customers, and to introducing an entirely new generation of DJs to BASSBOSS.”

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