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Prism Sound’s DREAM ADA-128 Converter Now Comes With Ginger Audio GroundControl Sphere Software

This powerful speaker management, routing and control room software is included as standard in Prism Sound’s versatile DREAM ADA-128 audio converter, for no extra charge.

UK manufacturer Prism Sound is collaborating with software developer Ginger Audio to optimise Ginger Audio’s GroundControl Sphere into Prism Sound’s recently released Dream ADA-128 modular audio conversion system. This exciting development gives Dream ADA-128 customers access to comprehensive speaker management alongside the high-quality audio for which Prism Sound is renowned.

Hailed as the perfect solution for any surround or immersive audio set up, GroundControl Sphere is a professional multichannel audio routing and control room software that accepts up to 128 different inputs and outputs from mono to 9.1.6. Ideally suited to audio facilities tackling music mixing and mastering in immersive formats such as Dolby Atmos, GroundControl Sphere allows users to switch between different loudspeaker configurations with ease.

It can also be used to tackle speaker tuning and room correction using Sphere’s independent level adjustment and delay line – and thanks to its compatibility with AVID EUCON it can be used with any Digital Audio Workstation and AVID control surface.

“The optimisation of GroundControl Sphere software into Prism Sound’s Dream ADA-128 brings even more power and flexibility to our high-quality modular conversion system,” says Prism Sound’s Managing Director Jody Thorne. “This is a really exciting development because it gives ADA-128 users a single routing solution that requires no additional hardware, and therefore no additional costs.”

Shlomi Dany, Head of Ginger Audio, emphasises the importance of accurate monitoring for top-notch recordings. Now, with the ADA-128 and GroundControl Sphere’s Speaker Processing, users can monitor with exceptional precision, resulting in superior mixes.

“We’re excited to partner with Prism Sound, known for their high-quality systems, to revolutionise studio monitoring and speaker processing using our advanced software solutions. This marks a new era in monitoring standards,” Dany says.

GroundControl Sphere enables users to effortlessly manage audio configurations for any format, from stereo to immersive formats such as Dolby Atmos. Users can customise their favourite filters and EQ, fie-tuning their control room, managing bass and optimising room acoustics.

“Our goal is to make it easier for audio professionals to focus on their music, creating audio that adapts seamlessly to any system. It’s a game-changer in the world of monitoring,” Dany adds.

Named after its ability to provide up to 128 channels of premium Prism Sound 32-bit A/D and D/A conversion in a single 2U rack, the Dream ADA 128 can be configured to a wide range of needs. Designed as both a conversion system and a high-performance, networkable audio distribution and processing system, the ADA-128 is built around a 2RU mainframe that can be fitted with up to 16 analogue and digital IO modules (each of which nominally provides eight input or output ports, or both).

There are also four Host cards are available for the DREAM ADA-128 and these provide various connection options including Dante, DigiLink and AES. Users can mix and match these, and even route audio between them for maximum flexibility. In addition, the ADA 128 can be used as an HDX interface, directly from within Pro Tools, and because it houses four internal independent clocks, systems can run at different sample rates at the same time.

“The collaboration between Prism Sound and Ginger Audio gives engineers and studio owners all the tools they need to deliver an effective and versatile Dolby Atmos workflow,” Jody Thorne adds. “It will save time and ensure that audio professionals get the best possible sonic experience.”

Ginger Audio’s software also offers Stream Deck plugin integration and playback of Atmos content from Apple music. Its host of useful features have made it the solution of choice for many top audio professionals including Emmy award-winning sound designer Ray Palagy and Living Room Studio owner Pat Mavromatis.

Prism Sound DREAM ADA-128 units with GroundControl Sphere software are available now and any existing ADA-128 customers who would like the software can upgrade free of charge by contacting Prism Sound.

For information about Prism Sound’s Dream ADA-128, please visit

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Founded in 1987, Prism Sound manufacture professional digital audio equipment for the international broadcast, film and music production sectors. The company’s products are renowned for their exceptional audio quality and are the converters and interfaces of choice for many of the world’s top artists, producers, composers, mixing and mastering engineers. They are also the mainstay of many internationally acclaimed audio facilities including Metropolis Studios, Sony, ESPN, the Library of Congress and Walt Disney. Prism Sound also produces SADiE audio production workstation software, which is used by major national broadcasters such as the BBC and Radio France, as well as many of the world’s leading mastering houses and classical and live music recording engineers.

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