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Quam Launches New Vandal Resistant Horn for Emergency Communications

The System 36 VPS is a high-performance speaker ideal for broadcasting warnings and instructions

Quam Nichols, a manufacturer of quality commercial loudspeakers, has launched a new vandal resistant horn called the System 36VPS. This high-performance loudspeaker is ideal for safety applications where high sound output and reliable operation are of critical importance.

“Our new System 36VPS is ideal if you are looking for a dependable solution at a great value for emergency notifications and public address systems in public places such as schools, parking structures, train platforms, bus stations, and industrial facilities. These horns are designed to be durable and able to withstand physical abuse, vandalism, and harsh environmental conditions. The System 36VPS is a complete powder coated stainless-steel vandal resistant horn assembly that features a double re-entrant, compression horn with an integrated 16W, 25/70V, multi-tap transformer. The design of the System 36VPS features a tamper-resistant hardware and a rugged housing that is resistant to impact damage.” says Randy Moore, President of Quam Nichols.

In the event of an emergency, the System 36VPS can be used to broadcast emergency messages, warnings, and instructions. It’s also applicable in non-emergency situations for public address announcements, such as in sporting events, concerts, transportation hubs, and other public gatherings. The System 36VPS is intended for either indoor or outdoor use and can be easily installed vertically or horizontally. For more information on the System 36VPS, please visit the Quam website product page:

The System 36VPS is shipping now. For more info about Quam, visit their website at:

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