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RCF Expands Popular EVOX Portable PA Series with EVOX J8 & JMIX 8

RCF Expands Popular EVOX Portable PA Series with EVOX J8 & JMIX 8

In 2014, RCF broke the mold of powerful, portable PA systems with the introduction of the EVOX Series. Since that time, this style of portable PA has become a category in the industry itself. In 2018, RCF takes the next step introducing the EVOX J Series including a model with an eight input, Bluetooth, app controlled mixer.

Maintaining a similar footprint to the original EVOX 8 system, the EVOX J models are now a composite enclosure, taking weight out of the system, yet maintaining the same performance specifications.

The EVOX J Series comes in two models – EVOX J8 and EVOX JMIX8 – with both available in black or white.

The EVOX J8 is similar to the original EVOX 8 model featuring a line source satellite module with eight 2” full-range drivers paired with a high-powered 12” woofer in a bass reflex enclosure. Powered by onboard 1400-watt Class D amplification.

The EVOX JMIX8 adds a powerful eight-input digital mixer with dedicated app for iOS and Android management from any smartphone. Innovative Z.CORE DSP processing provides not only professional mix functions but a complete library of studio effects along with guitar modulation effects and amp simulations.

RCF has also added a new perspective on linearity with the introduction of FiRPHASE DSP technology. The FiRPHASE algorithm optimizes dynamics, amplitude and phase providing more transparency of the original input signal with absolute clarity.

The EVOX array design features constant horizontal directivity coverage of 120° with the vertical array a tight 30° with a progressive shape to guarantee a correct listening environment and avoid a high frequency beaming typical of a straight array. Included is a three-piece pole, allowing for the satellite to be positioned at different heights maintaining the coverage pattern for the audience listening area dependent on the EVOX placement and venue configuration.

The system is designed for ease of transport and storage. When storing, the satellite module fits into the rear of the subwoofer, which also protects the electronics and system connections. An optional protective cover travel bag with wheels is available for transport and storage of the system.

The EVOX J Series is now shipping. Product will be on display at Infocomm in Las Vegas, June 6-8 in RCF booth # C738. For additional information:

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