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RCF IP55 Solution for Kingspan Stadium

Home for the Ulster Rugby Club, the Belfast Kingspan Stadium recently completed a major renovation that includes a new distributed public address system integrated with their emergency evacuation and fire alarm system to create a complete communications infrastructure throughout the stadium complex.
     MGA Communications worked with the RCF Engineering Support Group to provide a total solution to meet the necessary IP and PAVA requirements as well as having the required coverage and frequency response.
     A distributed system of RCF P3115-T 15” 2-way coax cabinets encircle the stadium stands. Six clusters, each with two P3115-T, are mounted under the roof area of the Premium Stand, along with six sets on the new Grandstand. Four clusters are suspended under the roof lips of both end zone stands.
     For PAVA (Public Address and Voice Alarm) compliance, the RCF DXT7000 digital matrix mainframe is integrated to meet EN54-16 and EN 60849 standards for emergency evacuation and fire alarm message distribution. General concourses, terraces, corridors, meeting rooms and private corporate boxes are covered by RCF PL70EN ceiling speakers, DU50EN wall mount speakers and the new DP range of weatherproof sound solutions.

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