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RCF Names Justin Brock Retail Accounts Manager

Loudspeaker manufacturer RCF has named Justin Brock new Retail Accounts Manager. Brock joined RCF after a 10 year stint handling outside sales for a major industry retailer, as well as owning a recording studio.
     Brock notes during that time, he was able to continue to sharpen his product knowledge, increase his awareness of competitive products in the industry, learn the ins-and-outs of installation needs, and build his customer relationships.
     “This is exactly why I feel it is the right choice to bring Brock into the position of Retail Accounts Manager,” says RCF CEO Roni Nevo. “His knowledge, his personality, his confidence as well as his relationships with industry retail management.”
     Brock’s expertise and credentials include his knowledge of products and how they are positioned in the retail environment, his awareness of what consumers are looking for, recognizing trends and understanding industry standards.
     “It’s a constant challenge,” says Brock, “and that’s what motivates me.” He enjoys the challenge of positioning products, educating dealers, training sales personnel and working to meet the customer’s needs.
     “The first time I heard RCF, I listened to the ART312-A. It was unbelievable and I’ve been a believer ever since,” says Brock. “It’s exciting because now I get to sell the speaker line I like so much that always meets or exceeds expectations.” He continues, “with my recording studio, the most intoxicating thing for me was the excitement of people hearing the results of their work.” That transcended in his evolution into installations. “To provide the proper sound solution, whether a nightclub or house of worship, was always a challenge. Seeing the satisfaction of the customer upon completion of the installation.
     Brock will work with all RCF national retail accounts along with major independent retailers.

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