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RCF Names Tarik Solangi Vice President of Sales and Marketing

RCF has announced the appointment of Tarik Solangi as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for RCF USA.

            Solangi’s pedigree in the industry includes time as a production company and recording studio owner, tour coordinator and manager. Solangi started with RCF as an independent consultant providing technical support and managing product demonstrations for the touring and performing arts communities. It was not long before RCF recognized his skills. Not only his expertise in product, but his knowledge and understanding of the various vertical market segments RCF is involved in. And most importantly, his people skills and relationships he develops with RCF partners.

            In 2015, Solangi was named National Sales Manager. Since that time, RCF USA has evolved. Initially the wholly owned distributor of the RCF and dB Technologies brands owned by the RCF Group in Italy, RCF USA has refocused solely on the RCF brand of loudspeakers and electronics for the U.S. market. With Solangi at the helm of sales, the company has excelled with significant growth.

            That restructuring has also brought a purpose for RCF USA to redefine the roles of the management team to continue to achieve the continued maturation and recognition of the RCF brand in the United States.

            “There are many reasons to move Tarik into this position,” says RCF USA CEO Roni Nevo. “As our company has grown tremendously over the last few years, it is important to have the infrastructure in place for the continued management of the company for the future.”

            Nevo adds, “Tarik has exhibited the success of his sales skills and ability to secure strong customer relationships, and has also demonstrated his ability to manage the growth of the company and bring greater brand recognition to RCF in the United States.”

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