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Reduced Operating Costs, Superior Quality of Service, and Zer0 Friction Customer Experience, Highlight TAG Video Systems NAB Announcements

Reduced Operating Costs, Superior Quality of Service, and Zer0 Friction Customer Experience, Highlight TAG Video Systems NAB Announcements

Tel Aviv, Israel – February 18, 2020 — TAG Video Systems continues to demonstrate its Zer0 Friction customer experience with significant new capabilities added to its flagship system. Already the world leader in 100% SW, 100% IP, 100% COTS Probing, Monitoring and Multiviewing for all four of the major broadcast applications (Live Production, Playout, Delivery and OTT), TAG has increased support for additional sources, interfaces and, formats. In addition, TAG has added new audio output functionality and an updated layout editor. The new features and functionality will further demonstrate TAG’s Zer0 Friction approach to technology, operations and asset utilization at NAB 2020 on TAG’s Booth C2217 in Central Hall.

New for NAB 2020

Increased capabilities for additional sources, Interfaces and Formats helps clients reduce operating costs and improve quality of experience.

TAG Video Systems will be demonstrating its ability to now support up to (48) 1080i ST 2110 sources with 2022-7 on a single server. This exciting new development expands a facility’s capacity to handle more uncompressed content streams on one COTS server, thus maximizing utilization of the client’s investment. As always the case with TAG, inputs can be freely mixed and matched with other uncompressed and compressed formats (including UHD).

TAG is also announcing support for Mellanox ConnectX-6 , the newest addition to the Mellanox Smart Interconnect suite. This brings 200 Gb connectivity, and combined with TAG’s optimized network architecture and software, will enable greater channel capacities and increased opportunities for use of 2022-7.

In addition, support for the Common Media Application Format (CMAF), an open, extensible standard that enables efficient streaming over the HLS and MPEG-DASH protocols, has been added to the platform to further expand the multitude of formats that TAG supports.

Mosaic audio output

TAG is also introducing Mosaic audio output that will allow the most flexible audio monitoring setup, customizable by each facility to their specifications.

Additional features recently introduced include:

  • Support for additional encryption technologies
  • Updated layout editor
  • Advanced SCTE-35 monitoring features
  • Configurable management proxy

The Zer0 Friction Customer Experience

TAG’s Zer0 friction customer experience focuses on removing barriers across the three pillars of a truly digital workflow: Technology, Operations, and Asset utilization. “Allowing clients the freedom to use a multi-functional product (Probing, Monitoring and Multiviewing) across the four primary broadcast applications, anywhere, anytime with a business model that maximizes utilization of customers’ assets is what Zer0 Friction is all about,” stated Kevin Joyce, TAG’s Zer0 Friction Officer. “With over 12 years of 100% SW, 100% IP experience, we can deploy our technology in ways that traditional providers simply cannot do. Zer0 Friction will be the way all vendors must operate to support the ever-increasing competitive environment of the media and entertainment industry.”


Visit TAG at NAB in Booth C 2217.

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