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Rise Embarks on a Journey of Inclusivity at IBC 2023

Rise, a pioneering organization dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within the broadcast and media tech industry, is set to make a resounding impact at IBC 2023. With a compelling program of events and groundbreaking initiatives, Rise is gearing up to transform the landscape of this year’s show.

Exciting Program of Events

The Rise team is thrilled to announce a lineup of events that promises to inspire and engage attendees throughout the conference:

Friday, September 15th: Strive to Rise Presentation

The Strive to Rise program is a powerful and practical tool designed to meet the increasing demand for organizations to not only expand and diversify their talent pool but also to actively include, celebrate, champion, and promote women and intersectionality within their ranks. It serves as a formal recognition program tailored for companies committed to achieving gender equality within the workplace. Join us as we honor companies that have completed our Strive to Rise program in 2023.

– Time: 12:15 – 12:30

– Location: Rise Stand 8D41

Friday, September 15th: Rise and BT Media and Broadcast Drinks

– Time: 16:00 – 18:00

– Location: Stand 0.A17 in the Outside Exhibition Area, opposite Hall 2 entrance Register here: s-700389964237?aff=oddtdtcreator

Saturday, September 16th: #ibcflashmobentry

– Time: 08:30 – 09:00

– Location: Stand 0.A17 in the Outside Exhibition Area, opposite Hall 2 entrance

While women have long been an integral part of the IBC tradition, their presence often feels overshadowed by the overwhelming male majority on-site. The result? Women can sometimes find themselves feeling like the sole representatives of their gender amidst the bustling halls of IBC.

However, the time for change has arrived, and Rise is leading the way along with GalsNGear, Women in Streaming, SVG Europe Women, and AWS with an exciting and empowering initiative – the Flashmob. It’s not just an event; it’s a statement that celebrates the strength we find in our numbers.

The Flashmob is a simple yet impactful way of uniting women at IBC. Sipping on a coffee, proudly waving a flag, and connecting with fellow attendees who share your passion for diversity and inclusion. It’s more than just a coffee break; it’s about forging new connections, fostering camaraderie, and creating a vibrant new tradition at IBC.

With thanks to BT Media and Broadcast, for allowing us to use their space to meet. Register here – r)

Sunday, September 17th: Rise Awards Shortlist

The Rise Awards is now in its fifth year and continues to celebrate and promote the global women, allies, and companies in the media technology industry. This event is the reveal of the 2023 shortlist.

– Time: 14:45 – 15:15

  • Location: The Forum – RAI

Monday, September 18th: Networking Brunch: A spotlight on the importance of Allyship and How to Make It Happen

– Time: 10:00 – 11:00

  • Location: RAI

In what’s set to be an empowering gathering, join Rise, GALSNGEAR, and Women in Streaming Media as they come together for a brunch with purpose; what it means to be an ally, and how to make it happen. Complete with collaborative outcomes and free food! Feel free to bring an ally as a plus one too, share your experiences, network, and learn how to make the possibility a reality!

Register here –

Exciting Initiatives at Rise Stand

Rise has secured space at Hall 8 Stand 8D41 for their inaugural Rise Lounge—an exclusive area designed for their community to connect, relax, and network amidst the bustling conference. The Rise Stand will offer:

  • Lockers for securing personal items
  • Comfortable sofas for meetings and relaxation
  • Meditative channels for a serene escape
  • Emergency kits with essentials
  • Safe Car Initiative for transportation

Safe Car Initiative

Introducing the Rise Safe Car Initiative: Your Path to Security and Peace of Mind, generously sponsored by Lawo.

This groundbreaking service is designed to cater specifically to the safety and well-being of our valued women participants. This visionary initiative offers a dedicated car service that will be stationed at three strategically chosen locations in the evenings, providing a reliable means of transportation back to your hotel. We understand that late hours and unfamiliar surroundings can create moments of unease. That’s why our service exists – to ensure your peace of mind.

Sadie Groom, Founder and CEO of Rise comments “We firmly believe that every conference attendee should feel safe, regardless of the hour or the locale. The Rise Safe Car Initiative not only enhances the overall conference experience but also sets a commendable example for the industry at large. It underscores our dedication to creating spaces where everyone can participate with confidence and ease.”

Andreas Hilmer Chief Marketing Officer for Lawo the sponsor of the Safe Car Initiative stated “The Rise Safe Car initiative is a fantastic idea. We’re delighted to be able to contribute to the safety and comfort of women attending IBC – and we’re confident that this program, along with all the other RISE activities, will help to promote our industry as a cool and exciting place for women to work.”

Meditative Silent Disco

Thanks to the sponsorship from ClearCom and Limitless, Rise is introducing a Meditative Silent Disco to cater to neurodiverse needs. This silent disco will feature meditative channels, allowing attendees to re-center and recharge away from the sensory overload of the show floor.

Emergency Kit

Sponsored by Newsbridge and Limitless, Rise understands the importance of being prepared. They will provide emergency kits containing essential items, eliminating the need for women to leave the conference in search of sanitary supplies and other items.

For more information on Rise, its initiatives, and the IBC 2023 program, please visit the official website


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