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RoseWater Energy Grows Sales Team with New Rep Firms

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Metro NY, Florida, Mid-west and Southeast now represented

SUNRISE, FL – June 15, 2022 RoseWater Energy Group, manufacturer of the Hub, an all-in-one solution to clean energy, power conditioning, surge protection, solar battery storage, office and home battery backup with remote monitoring and redundant industrial-grade systems, is delighted to announce the addition of four new rep firms to the sales team.

“With the power reliability issues that virtually every luxury homeowner faces, energy management and storage is becoming a critical product category for integrators. The reps who understand this new marketplace are taking notice and reaching out to us,” said David Laikind, Vice President of RoseWater Energy. ”Some of the best rep firms in the integration industry have recently partnered with us. Their customers are excited to learn that there is finally a product  available to end all the power related call-backs they have been plagued with since the inception of home automation.”

Thea Enterprises was founded in 1930 in New York City, as one of the first electrical representatives in the NY Metro area. They pride themselves on being a family-owned and operated business for almost a century. Over this time, our team has grown to over 160+ employees, giving them the organizational strength to support any size project. Thea Enterprises offers construction supplies, warehousing, staging, logistics, services, and sales. Our breadth of services and expertise allows us to support every stage of commercial and residential projects while representing a comprehensive portfolio of brands. Thea’s core values and ethics are unwavering, and simultaneously continue to grow and look towards the future as they partner with new, like-minded brands.

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“RoseWater Energy brings a unique product to the electrical construction industry. It conditions incoming power and has both surge and lightning protection,” said Mark Thea, Principal of Thea Enterprises. “RoseWater has simplified everything about the power management category for both integrators and end-users with their comprehensive product features and the ability to connect with the RoseWater team.”

Orion Integrated Systems represents the state of Florida with a focus on AV, lighting, and energy solutions for the luxury residential market in both new construction and retrofit/remodels. With world-class brands in every category, Orion provides system design and support, marketing strategies and assistance, and new product development in all categories of home construction from production homes to the most luxurious custom homes in Florida.

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“We’ve seen the difference a RoseWater Hub can make in many luxury homes in Florida,” said Scott Summers, President of Orion Integrated. “Our dealers especially appreciate the system reliability that conditioned power brings to the home. Eliminating call backs is a huge benefit to them.”



Tandem Marketing is representing Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Kentucky markets. With multiple integrator demo and training facilities, they bring extensive experience in the custom installation and integration channel. Tandem is both a CEDIA and IPRO member.

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“Energy is such an important part of everyone’s daily lives, and we are excited to offer this much needed reliable and efficient power conditioner, power backup and surge protection for peoples’ homes,” said Ed Talaski from Tandem Marketing. “Especially, with the popularity of adding renewable energy sources such as solar power and the unstable US electric grid this allows a homeowner to have more control and stability of the power in their homes. With the demand and rising costs of energy this is the perfect product to handle these important issues”.



Precision Sales Group (PSG) is a sales and consulting agency focusing on technologies, lighting, and shading for the custom electronics industry in the Southeast states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. PSG provides onsite or offsite training and certifications, assists with product demos to the end user, site surveys, system design, product selection and calibration. With vast technical knowledge they support their integration partners with integrity, accuracy and trust.

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“We are excited to bring this unique energy management, power conditioning, and storage offering to our integrator partners in the Southeast,” said Jon Perry, President of Precision Sales Group. “With power quality at the grid constantly being challenged and more and more sensitive electronic components, a power plan is essential for stable and reliable systems. RoseWater Energy addresses this on a whole home level with the ability to run critical systems like lighting and appliances in times of outages.”

Meet with RoseWater Energy and see our products at CEDIA Expo 2022 booth 8009 in Dallas, Texas on September 29 through October 1, 2022.

To learn more about the benefits of clean power, connect with RoseWater Energy Group on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and listen to The Next Generation of Energy podcast on Spotify or iTunes.

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About RoseWater Energy Group

RoseWater Energy Group understands that Power is the Foundation™ for any smart building. RoseWater designs and manufactures an all-in-one solution to clean energy and power conditioning, while providing surge protection, solar battery storage, office and home battery backup with remote monitoring and redundant industrial-grade systems. RoseWater enables residential and commercial integrators to reduce or eliminate the plethora of unnecessary client service calls due to power issues and deliver home and business owners peace of mind.

Committed to building Simply the Best™ energy management and battery storage system on the market, the RoseWater Energy Hub is built with full power conditioning, zero-transfer-times between power sources, and can take a direct lightning hit without missing a beat. RoseWater works with their clients to design, build, integrate, and manage a custom Power Plan™ specific to their needs. For more details visit

Press Contact: Coleen Sterns Leith, Marketing Matters, Tel: 954-925-1511 ext. 1, Email: [email protected]

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