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RoseWater’s Reps Host Energy Summits

cet & associates and Orion Integrated raise awareness of energy management to integrators

SUNRISE, FL – Feb. 23, 2023 RoseWater Energy Group is participating in several local Energy Days education seminars for local integrators with cet & associates in Denver and Orion Integrated Systems in Fort Lauderdale and Naples. The half-day seminars will be held in February and March.

cet and assoc energy days March 2023cet & associates’ Energy Days will be hosted on March 9 and 10 at their Denver office. Joe Piccirilli from RoseWater Energy, Matt McWilliams, Jeremy Clark, and Jesse Kahn from BrightVault, and Jimmy Paschke and Vince Luiani from Predictive Power (Innovolt and 360 Power) will participate in a Manufacturer Round Table where integrators can learn and interact with peers and factory representatives regarding opportunities and best practices in energy. Integrators will be able to ask the experts in energy their questions about products, applications, and the future.

Following the panel, integrators can meet with each of the manufacturers to get their questions answered and bring opportunities and projects to discuss and design in person. Lunch will be served to attendees at each of the four 3-hour seminars offered. Registration is still available for some of the hosted sessions.

“These forward-thinking reps understand how critical energy management is becoming for their dealers and their clients,” said Joe Piccirilli, CEO and Founder of RoseWater Energy. “The panel will help integrators understand how the different manufacturers address the category and give a good overview of how to manage a power ecosystem.”

RoseWater Energy will also be participating in Orion Integrated Solutions’ Energy Summits next week.  The Fort Lauderdale events will be held at the Lutron Experience Center in Plantation on February 28 and March 1.  Additional sessions will be held in Naples, Florida on Thursday March 2. For more information, please contact your local Orion Integrated rep.

The RoseWater Hubs are designed to provide true Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) functionality with zero transfer time, energy storage for back up, and the ability to harness excess solar power for self-consumption. When AC input is available, AC power is converted to DC, which is then converted back to AC for use in the critical load panel. When AC input is unavailable, DC battery power is converted to AC with zero transfer time. An intelligent controller module decides when to draw power, and how much power to draw from the AC or DC source. During AC input brownout condition, output power is supplemented by battery power.

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Listen to Joe Piccirilli and guests of RoseWater Energy on The Next Generation of Energy podcast. It’s also available on Spotify and iTunes.

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About RoseWater Energy Group

RoseWater Energy Group understands that Power is the Foundation™ for any smart home. RoseWater designs and manufactures a complete 24/7 for solution for power conditioning and clean energy, while providing surge and lightning protection, solar input, office and home battery backup, along with analytics and remote monitoring in a redundant industrial-grade system.

Unlike other energy management products, RoseWater Energy’s Hubs work 24/7 and are always providing clean power in any situation – normal grid, grid spikes and surges, brownouts, or power outages.  RoseWater enables residential and commercial integrators to reduce or eliminate the plethora of unnecessary client service calls due to power issues and deliver home and business owners peace of mind.

Committed to building Simply the Best™ energy management and battery storage system on the market, the RoseWater Energy Hubs are built with full power conditioning, zero-transfer-times between power sources, and can take a direct lightning hit without missing a beat. RoseWater works with their clients to design, build, integrate, and manage a custom Power Plan™ specific to their needs. For more details visit


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