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Showlogix has Announced the Release of v1.5, its Latest Show and Media Control Application

Showlogix v1.5 has a new approach to show and media control, simplifying the creation of complex multimedia based shows.

Showlogix, a developer of show and media control software for the entertainment market, announced today the release of its newest show and media control software, designed for multi-display shows and interactive attractions in museums, visitor centers, trade shows etc.

Version 1.5 is a significant step up from the previous version, offering many more features, greater flexibility, higher reliability and overall better performance. 

As a multi-display control and presentation system, Showlogix Manager communicates with multiple display computers for control and synchronization. Each of these computers drives up to eight screens, creating a network of numerous displays with frame-accurate playback.

New to this version is the Display Map. Images may be mapped on any display arrangement, with any size, resolution and shape.

For further flexibility, Showlogix enables advanced edge-blending and geometry correction for seamless panorama projections and 3D mapping. Video output can be manipulated in real-time to fit projection onto any curved or non-planar screen.

V1.5 offers multi-group control: different display groups can run simultaneously, allowing control of separate shows from one Manager. This will reduce the overall cost in large multi-show complexes.  

“We designed the new Showlogix system to provide integrators with an easy-to-use and convenient all-in-one system” says Nir Goldhagen, Showlogix CTO. “We developed the platform to support ongoing development. We plan to add many new and exciting groundbreaking features in the near future. We believe this will help our customers create awesome experiences.”

Several other new features to this version:

·         Text and RSS feeds with horizontal and vertical scrolling capability, including synchronization across displays. Text may also be inserted from any device or third party software over network

·         Re-designed motion tracking feature, with a richer variety of interactive capabilities

·         3D layer rotation

·         New particle effects

·         Support for Art-Net 3 

Showlogix v1.5 is available for download and testing via the Showlogix web site.

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