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Studio-Grade Acoustically Transparent Film Screen Brand Seymour-Screen Excellence Appoints New TOLA Manufacturer Sales Firm Hi-Fi Representation

Hi-Fi Representation was founded in January 2020 by Jacob Atkinson and Gabriel Garland to offer the custom installation market a Manufacturer’s Rep Firm focused on best in class solutions to help dealers differentiate themselves by offering unique and superior product.

Ames, Iowa – April 14, 2020 – Custom, made-in-USA acoustically transparent specialized film screen brand Seymour-Screen Excellence has appointed new independent manufacturer sales rep firm Hi-Fi Representation which covers Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Established January 2020, Hi-Fi Representation is led by president Jacob Atkinson, an HAA- and ISF-trained AV professional with over 25-years of experience in sales for custom installation firms and manufacturers, along with partner and COO Gabriel Garland.

Seymour-Screen Excellence’s build-on-wall ART reference grade acoustically transparent film screen / motorized masking system delivers a commercial cinema experience. Photo courtesy of Sound Lab Designs (Texas).
Jacob Atkinson, Hi-Fi Reps

The team at Hi-Fi Reps experienced Seymour-Screen Excellence’s 2019 CEDIA Expo theater demo where the company had nabbed a CEDIA Best New Hardware Product award for its Adjustable Ratio Theater (ART), a build-on wall masking system with an acoustically transparent image width of up to 300-inches with motorized masking 20-feet tall and 30-feet wide for a commercial-like cinema experience.

For its sonic and visual purity, Seymour-Screen Excellence’s Enlightor Neo 4K woven fabric acoustically transparent screen surface and various motorized masking options are a top choice for discerning designers and users of post-production / mix facilities, residential and corporate theaters.

“Seymour-Screen Excellence’s reference studio performance and pedigree are 100% in-sync with what Hi-Fi Reps is all about,” said Jacob. “It happened that this was the line we launched our firm with, and it couldn’t be more fitting. Coming onboard February, we’ve successfully begun work with dealers to bring Seymour-Screen Excellence into more demo theaters and homeowners’ theaters in the making.”

“Jacob reached out to me (a cold call actually!) and the timing was perfect,” said Paul Muto, of Muto Communications, which manages Seymour-Screen Excellence’s public relations and sales network. “Through extensive conversations and related strategizing, I see that Jacob and Gabriel have deep understanding of dealers’ businesses, with strong abilities to guide them to make the best decisions. I’m very pleased to have Hi-Fi Reps onboard as a partner and am optimistic that we will all benefit here.”

About Seymour-Screen Excellence: Founded in 2010 as a joint venture by US-based Seymour AV (Chris Seymour) and UK-based Screen Excellence (Patrice Congard), Seymour-Screen Excellence combines the leadership and innovation of their acoustically transparent projection screen materials for high-end custom installers in North America.  The company’s state-of-the-art screens provide flawless picture quality and acoustic transparency, superior to traditional perforated screens or other less exacting woven screen materials. Manufacturing takes place at the company’s factory / headquarters in Ames, Iowa.

In recent years S-SE has expanded its offerings with many innovative new solutions created by Chris Seymour. These include award-winning ambient light-rejecting film screen technologies, the channel’s first color temperature tunable white bias LED back lighting kits and single- and 4-way motorized masking systems.

In 2019, Seymour-Screen Excellence’s Adjustable Ratio Theater was declared a CEDIA Best New Hardware Product. In 2017, Seymour-Screen Excellence, in joint-demo with Audio Excellence and Wolf Cinema, was recognized by AVS Forum as Best 2017 CEDIA Expo Home Theater Demo. Follow Seymour-Screen Excellence on Twitter @SeymourScreenEx and Facebook:

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