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Studio Manager Michael Zuehsow Creates Unique Recording Space Using RHC Audio’s ProCo Sound Cables and Panels

Custom Snakes and Patch Panels Built for Average Joes Entertainment’s New Creative Studio

NASHVILLE, TN, NOVEMBER 15, 2016 ― Keystone Studios, the latest project of Shannon Houchins’ powerhouse indie label and entertainment company Average Joes Entertainment, is a new creative space in Nashville, completely designed and built by Studio Manager and Head of Engineering Michael Zuehsow. A long-time industry professional and colleague of Houchins, Zuehsow looked to ProCo, an RHC Audio brand, for all of his custom cabling and panels.

With a growing list of artists, founder Shannon Houchins felt it was time to create an in-house studio that would be readily accessible to his artists. Zuehsow was given the task of designing the space from the ground up based on his previous experience doing sound installs. For the gear he selected, Zuehsow trusted many of the products he used, which included ProCo’s range of cables and snake boxes, on tour with Average Joes Entertainment’s artist, Colt Ford.

“When I was asked to come aboard and design Keystone Studios, I based my gear selection on what was already road-proven,” says Zuehsow. “If the equipment could last five or more years on the road, I knew it was going to last decades in the studio. Artists who have come to the new space for a session immediately notice how clean and organized our cable runs are and how professional they look. It just reinforces that we are providing them with the highest quality gear during recording.”

Zuehsow used the Evolution XLR mic cables for just about every length of cable installed. The XLR mic cables are built using pristine components with the utmost transparent qualities to completely protect the integrity of the sound received, from source to destination, making them the most durable and reliable cables for recording sessions. Based on specs of the location, Zuehsow not only used ProCo’s array of catalog items available but took advantage of ProCo’s custom shop.

ProCo created custom snakes and patch panels, co-designed by Zuehsow, for a number of the rooms in Keystone Studios. “I’ve created a very unique and versatile space, which is unlike many of the other standard studios in town. While we have a majority of our equipment in the main recording room, there are also micro and Ethernet panels in just about every other room outside of the recording area, which gives us the freedom to capture sound wherever we need to.”

Since opening last month, artists such as Cherub, Levi Ray, Lenny Cooper, Twang and Round, Rizzi Myers, Colt Ford, Gravel Kings, Seth Timbs, and David Allen Coe have recorded sessions at the studio for material that has already been released or will be released in the coming months, as well as a variety of voiceovers and dialogue for developing television shows and cartoons for Hideout Pictures, a subsidiary of Average Joes Entertainment. In addition, Montgomery Gentry (one of the latest artists to be signing with Average Joes Entertainment) is scheduled to record new material in the studio. 

“I’ve built an exceptional relationship with ProCo from years of touring to now designing and managing Keystone,” concludes Zuehsow. “They’ve consistently provided us with reliable products and amazing customer service, as well as exceeded our expectations when bringing my vision to reality. I’ve certainly put the company’s gear to the test and will continue to employ them on any of my future projects.”

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