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SyncPro Launches CloudOS Support Center

Users can now launch service tickets for each device on a customer’s CloudOS dashboard, with direct access to manufacturer support and quicker resolution

Tel-Aviv, Israel – March 8, 2021SyncPro has launched a new support center that allows hardware manufacturers to offer a superior support experience for their users and integrators.

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The new CloudOS Support Center is especially useful for systems integrators and tech managers that require technical support on a specific product or solution. While SyncPro users could always manage and monitor devices from the CloudOS dashboard, they traditionally had to reach out to the manufacturer if unable to troubleshoot and resolve their technical issues.

SyncPro’s latest update simplifies the process, allowing CloudOS users to connect to manufacturer support through their customer portals. Each user’s dashboard lists all of their CloudOS-connected devices by project, with new options to launch service tickets, chats and more to streamline the troubleshooting and problem-solving lifecycle. Upon creating a service ticket, the manufacturer gains authorized access to the troubled device and can retrieve logs, telemetry messages and more.

Since CloudOS provides fresh consistently updated performance data every few minutes, support teams are armed with the historical performance data they require to understand when a product is malfunctioning or has gone completely offline.

“While traditional help desk platforms assist manufacturers in managing and tracking incidents, SyncPro’s CloudOS allows manufacturers to directly communicate and troubleshoot the troubled device.”said Omer Brookstein, CEO and Co-Founder, SyncPro. “Having this kind of support will allow manufacturers to reduce the life of the service tickets by hours, if not days, and offer their system integration partners and end customers a much better service.”

For more information on the new CloudOS Support Center, and to schedule a demo, please contact SyncPro’s Sales at [email protected]

About SyncPro

At SyncPro we develop CloudOS – a multi-vendor, multi-tenant SaaS platform for deploying, managing, and monitoring workplace IoT devices. Organizations today are more dependent on their corporate communications than ever before, and as a result, those systems are increasingly vital for business. As the boundaries of where we work and collaborate expand beyond the physical office, and the number of workplace IoT devices grows at an exponential pace, the challenge of managing and monitoring these systems is becoming more complex than ever before. CloudOS is the super-tool every IT and helpdesk team needs to easily and securely deploy, manage, and monitor all of the organization’s workplace IoT devices on one platform. Visit for more information.

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