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Technical University of Munich, Medical Training Center Brings Mannequins to Life With Clockaudio

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is a school dedicated to providing its students with experience in research, and provides hands on training to prepare them for their career in the healthcare industry. The university was among the first in Germany to receive the title, “university of excellence” and ranks highly among the best educational establishments in Europe. Founded in 1868 in the heart of Munich, Germany, is TUM’s main campus and it contains some of the most important research and learning facilities of the university. TUM’s success is showcased by their campus expansion, reaching as far as Singapore. Their medical training facility in Munich offers students the opportunity to practice and receive real time feedback from their professors.


The university’s motto is, “We invest in talent, recognition is our return”. To ensure their students receive the best education they teach through hands on experiences at the university’s medical training center. The center is a large facility containing multiple simulation, debriefing and control rooms. The simulation rooms contain mannequins capable of breathing, having a pulse, can have their blood pressure taken and need the ability to speak to students for simulations through a microphone connected to the teacher. The training sessions also needed to be recorded for students to analyze and discuss their sessions after training. The Technical University of Munich needed the capability to perform these tasks simultaneously throughout multiple training rooms within the facility with flexibility and ease.  

To accommodate all the different aspects necessary for proper training and to ensure high quality visual and audio capabilities, Clockaudio partnered with REACH who delivered the server-based hardware.
This hardware allows 15 live video signals to process through 8 cameras at one time and enables the university to monitor multiple training sessions concurrently. Speaking about the success of this installation, Jan Otte from Prodytel, the distribution partner for this project, said about Clockaudio’s involvement, “For this project, good audio-quality was most important. We are very happy with Clockaudio’s omnidirectional boundary microphones as they are the perfect solution for monitoring and recording in these simulation rooms.“ Clockaudio supplied room microphones and headsets allowing teachers to engage in hands on demonstration and ensuring high quality audio for playback.  To transfer the audio from one room to another Biamp equipped and installed their audio matrix.  Lastly, in all rooms Community speakers were installed to ensure the highest quality audio would be played in all facility rooms.

The following equipment was installed as part of this project:

(1)  REACH CM800 MRS Powolive server

(3)  BIAMP AudiaFLEX CM digital audio
(2)  BIAMP NPS-1 network-
       compatible call & communication station

(4)  CUE touchCUE media control devices with
       touch screen
(1) ipCUE-alpha Ethernet-compatible controller

(4)   Clockaudio C 005E interface microphone

(14) Community DS-5 monitor speakers

All companies collaborated together to create a state of the art training center for healthcare professionals to grow. Clockaudio’s products played a major role in enabling students to effectively train and learn to become the professionals of tomorrow.

Clockaudio is proud to be an integral part of this collegiate installation at The Technical University at Munich’s Medical Training Facility.  We thank ProdyTel for allowing an English translation of this case study. 

For more information, contact Clockaudio at or visit the website at

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