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TEKVOX Launches ShareView Video Conferencing PC, A One-Box Solution for Videoconferencing and Distance Engagement

TEKVOX has introduced the ShareView Video Conferencing PC (P/N 78402), a one-box solution that combines a powerful videoconference-ready PC, TEKVOX’s ShareView software, and the TEK-PC software-based system controller in a compact package for unparalleled videoconferencing and distance engagement.

The ShareView PC is a highly integrated, three-in-one solution that accomplishes what individual TEKVOX components have previously offered customers, but with a significantly higher degree of integration. “The ShareView PC is ideal for those looking for a one-box product to provide videoconferencing and remote learning capabilities,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “With a footprint of just 63 square inches and a weight of seven pounds, the ShareView PC is easy to install and fit in offices and classrooms.

“A few years ago, achieving what the ShareView PC does would have required up to five individual components,” he explains. “The streamlined ShareView PC is a stand-alone videoconferencing solution with as few pieces of hardware as possible.”

Sharing content in a typical PC-based conference room requires the content owner either to transfer the content onto the host PC or to connect their laptop to the meeting in parallel. Moving content to the host PC via USB drive or file-sharing raises security concerns, while connecting in parallel from the meeting room wastes time, increases cost and often creates myriad frustrating audio feedback issues. ShareView eliminates these problems, combining the sophistication of a video codex system and the convenience of web-based videoconferencing with an affordable, intuitive and non-invasive interface.

The ShareView PC features a Win 10 IoT PC with two built-in HDMI inputs, i7 CPU, support for 4Kx2K@60Hz resolution, 64 GB of memory and four dedicated RS232 ports for conducting serial control of other devices.

“It’s an amazing one-box solution that puts no load on the campus network and never requires downloading additional software,” notes Reinhart. “Every iteration of TEKVOX’s videoconferencing and distance engagement systems streamlines and more fully integrates the product and the user experience. We believe that the ShareView PC will be the new standard for videoconferencing and distance engagement.”

ShareView PC is available now via TEKVOX authorized dealers.

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