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Telecine offers Content Subscription with a twist called Digital Signage Ready

Digital Signage Ready (DSR) is a branded news channel to help build client engagement. It’s like all the content you can eat. You can see DSR in action at InfoComm booth #1674.

Montreal, QC – May 15, 2022 – Telecine Multimedia, a media company specializing in digital signage content, has created an al la carte content subscription service called Digital Signage Ready (DSR). This content library offers a branded way to further engage and delight your audience. Whether you’ve got 1 screen or 50+, DSR offers a branded channel of news to extend your reach and connect with patrons on a deeper level.

“Digital Signage Ready (DSR) was a natural progression for Telecine. We already offer targeted content, and templates in many of our services like FinFacts, LifeStyle, AirQuality, and others. DSR offers clients a menu of content possibilities. You can subscribe to services like news, sports, finance, infotainment, weather, or local news. We liken DSR to all the content you can eat. Choose a few services or choose a lot. The content is fresh and displayed in real-time across your digital signage network. The big difference with DSR versus others out there is that DSR is offered with your company branding. This is key to optimal brand recognition and awareness. DSR helps keep your brand top of mind with your patrons while offering a vast library of content choices.” says Justin Lachovsky, Director of Sales, and Marketing for Telecine.

Telecine will be exhibiting at InfoComm 23, and will showcase Digital Signage Ready (DSR) on digital signage displays inside the Crimson AV booth #1674. Connect with them to schedule a demo.

Visit their website, or via their social media platforms TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn for more information, or a demonstration of how it works.

About Telecine
Telecine is a 35-year-old media and software company focussed on raising the bar of great content for digital signage. Fortune 500 clients from around the world rely on Telecine to solve their communication challenges by leveraging the very best signage content solutions. If the best solution does not yet exist, Telecine develops it. Telecine regularly contributes to the industry by sharing best practices on-line and in live speaking engagements. The goal is to help everyone learn from the mistakes of others. Successful installations benefit the industry and all stakeholders. Telecine has always believed in the huge potential of digital signage as a powerful communication medium. That potential can only be achieved with current, captivating, and relevant information, displayed in the most appropriate, compelling, and painless way possible.

Brandy Alvarado-Miranda
BAM Marketing & PR Agency
[email protected]

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