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Telemedicine Technology in Medical Centers – Tecom installs advanced AV solutions for remote learning and diagnosis

As part of the new routine, Tecom Electronics has led and installed advanced Audio-Video technological equipment over the last year in medical centers and hospitals, including video conferencing solutions, PTZ cameras and lecture capture systems. Using the new technology tools, the medical staff expanded the range of health services they provide, with what is known as Tele-Medicine.

Tecom installs advanced AV solutions for remote learning and diagnosis

The spread of Covid-19 worldwide have forced workplaces to shutdown or work under lockdown restrictions with an inability to hold frontal meetings. These workplaces include medical centers, which following the challenging period, quickly began to adopt the method, integrate the latest technology more closely, and conduct remote learning, diagnostics and tests.

Tecom PTZ cameras and AV solution in Medical centers

The advantages of using technological equipment from Tecom Electronics in medical centers include:
• The ability to continue working, treating and diagnosing remotely and safely
Capture treatment rooms and storing them in a secure archive, including capture of medical device imagining
• Capture of Board meetings and professional discussions
• Option to live broadcast and stream
• Uploading of content to be published and stored on the organization’s archive
• The high-quality and advanced equipment is simple to use, highly reliable, flexible and customized

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