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Telex/RTS at G8 Summit in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Russia

G8 Summits, the annual meetings attended by the leaders of eight of the world’s leading industrial nations, are hosted by the country holding the rotating year long presidency, and require an enormous logistical and technological expenditure.

The mere task of translating the numerous speeches, press conferences and communiqués into the requisite number of languages involves a huge team of translators and interpreters working under considerable time pressure for long hours.

For this year’s summit in St Petersburg, the decision was taken to employ a Voice-over-


system — the first time one had been used at a G8. Two of the Advanced Digital Audio Matrices (


) in Moscow were expanded with the addition of

RVON-8 cards

, and translation stations, connected by intercom systems, established by


in various parts of St. Petersburg to ensure that live interviews, press conferences and other events could be made available in the languages required by the world’s media swiftly and efficiently. However, the distances between these venues were such as to render the establishment of 4-wire connections problematic.

For this reason, Okno


decided to use the two

RVON cards

to link St Petersburg via Voice-over-


to the Moscow system. Each of the various venues in St Petersburg was then equipped with 3


units with 18


each in order to obtain the necessary capacity. This solution proved a great success and the customers were highly satisfied. Igor Naum of


commented: “The sound quality was truly excellent and the complete system is highly flexible. It’s an intercom solution that is extremely convenient and user-friendly as well as offering an excellent price-performance ratio.”?

No sooner was the summit over than a further


unit was installed in another of


’s buildings in Moscow–a clear sign of customer satisfaction with a view to making a comprehensive intercom solution available there too.

For more information, visit the RTS Intercom website:

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