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TMT Insights Drives Commitment to Diversity and Sustainability with Global Partnerships

Global professional services and software development organization joins Workplace Pride, Greenly, and Strive to Rise, increasing efforts to support workplace culture and socially responsible practices


LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14, 2023TMT Insights is reinforcing its commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and sustainability initiatives with a heightened focus on the employee experience, a positive workplace culture, and socially responsible practices. The company recognizes the need to develop programs to harness employee enthusiasm and offer opportunities to keep its teams connected and engaged on its journey to improve inclusivity and environmental awareness.


Founded in 2020, TMT prioritizes diversity and sustainability as much as driving its business growth.The company, which specializes in professional services and software development for the media and entertainment industry, recently joined Workplace Pride, became a pilot member of the Strive to RiSE program, and is actively evaluating its company-wide activities to maintain carbon neutrality and reduce environmental impact. 


“Starting a new company gave us a unique opportunity to build the right type of culture from the ground up,” said Hannah Barnhardt, COO & Co-Founder, TMT Insights. “That means a secure, welcoming, and supportive workplace where everyone feels safe to ask questions, state opinions, and even disagree. It’s a strong internal foundation that we can build on to inspire creativity, nurture innovation, and amplify everyone’s voice so we can continually learn from one another.”


TMT is confident that its new relationships with Workplace Pride and Strive to RiSE, two leading organizations focused on LGBTIQ+ gender and ethnic inclusion in the technology and media communities, will strengthen the company’s internal efforts to adapt to the changing nature of media and entertainment. 


TMT Insights has focused its social and environmental efforts into a new company group under the direction of Patty Minichiello, Global Brand Experience Manager. Her philosophy is that DEI efforts must go hand in hand with sustainability actions.


“Promoting allyship, encouraging advocacy, and supporting underserved communities are ongoing efforts, and the best results occur when everyone works together,” said Minichiello. “Our involvement with these wonderful organizations will help us bridge the gaps between the diverse groups within our industry.”


As a part of an ongoing commitment to sustainability, the company has partnered with Greenly, a global environmental organization focused on helping companies reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a key element of TMT’s sustainability strategy, as well as implementing training and education to ensure responsible purchasing policies. 


“It’s all about meeting people where they are in a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration,” concluded Barnhardt. “That’s the best way to create new opportunities for growth and change, whether it’s with our employees, clients, partners, or suppliers. We’ll always emphasize the importance of accountability and awareness to make sure everyone’s committed to the same mission and headed in the right direction.”


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About TMT Insights 

TMT Insights is a professional services and software development company delivering leading capabilities in the digital supply chain, including media content management, cloud technology, and SaaS/D2C experiences to global media companies. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills within the media & entertainment, digital & cloud technology space, our team offers industry leading services such as strategy and CXO advisory, product ideation & innovation, cloud transformation, process re-engineering and development to our partners. As early adopters of new technologies, we embrace the power of collaboration and work with our partners to combine our guidance with action to further drive efficiency, value, and scale to their communities. 



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