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Touchdown in the Backyard: Football Season is Best Enjoyed with a SunBriteTV

THOUSAND OAKS, California, November 20, 2014 — This football season, the best seat at the game is actually in the backyard. Designed for permanent outdoor installation, a SunBriteTV weatherproof television makes for an upgraded home viewing experience in the sport’s natural environment- outside!

The belief that the best games are enjoyed outside runs deep at SunBriteTV, which was founded in 2004 by an avid sports lover who didn’t want to come inside to watch his favorite team. Since then, SunBriteTV televisions have been installed in more than 30 professional sports stadiums across the country and, more recently, in the backyards of thousands of sports fans eager to get the best of both worlds.

Football fans will enjoy full-HD 1080p, sharp colors and bright picture thanks to a special display designed for both daytime and nighttime viewing. Weatherproofing technology keeps out all forms of moisture including rain, snow, humidity, ice and even game day BBQ grease. When mounted outside, SunBriteTVs outlast other standard televisions by a long shot thanks to the rustproof cabinets and powder-coated exteriors, which prevent natural environmental damage.

Most importantly though, SunBriteTVs put the game where it belongs. “Why should fans be limited to watching the game in the living room?” says Jonathan Johnson, Director of Brand Marketing, SunBriteTV. “A SunBriteTV puts the home field advantage right in the backyard and makes every game more memorable, social and fun!”

SunBriteTV’s Signature Series line, designed for residential applications, starts at $1,495 for a 32” display— sizes up to 65” and multiple color options are available. All models include weatherproof speakers and remote.

Fully functional in any North American environment, SunBriteTV’s temperature regulation systems keep all internal electronics running in -24A° to 122A° Fahrenheit. For more information on SunBriteTV please visit

or call the sales department directly at 866.357.8688.

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About SunBriteTV

SunBriteTV engineers and manufactures award-winning televisions and displays built specifically for outdoor use. SunBriteTV developed the industry’s first all-weather TV in 2004 and its products have been time-tested in home installations, outdoor sports arenas, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, colleges, and airports. All models are available through SunBriteTV’s network of Authorized Dealers. To inquire about becoming an Authorized Dealer, contact SunBriteTV at 866.357.8688, or visit the Dealer Inquiry page at


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