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UltraFlix Selects Hybrik for 4K Ultra HD Cloud Transcoding

Content Available on Smart TVs, Set-Top Boxes, and Mobile Devices

Mountain View, Calif. – UltraFlix, the leading provider of 4K streaming video, announced today it has selected Hybrik for all its cloud-based transcoding. UltraFlix’s growing library of more than 1,400 titles in 4K Ultra HD (UHD) needed to be transcoded into a wide variety of bitrates and codecs. By using Hybrik’s cloud-based services, UltraFlix can rapidly on-board new content, as well as re-encode existing content using newer compression techniques and formulas such as HDR and HEVC.

“We are excited to use the Hybrik system to manage all of our cloud-based transcoding operations,” said David R. Foley, founder and senior technologist at UltraFlix. “They provide us with an unbeatable combination of scalability, quality, performance, and price. Our technical team is excited to combine our proprietary encoding formulas with the amazing technology that Hybrik offers, allowing us both huge savings and increased performance in our cloud encoding operations.”

One of the realities of the media business is inherent spikes in content flow. This is particularly true for a content distributor like UltraFlix. When the company makes a new license deal, it needs to ingest hundreds of hours of new content and post it to the UltraFlix network, which runs on a variety of platforms, as rapidly as possible. Hybrik enables near-infinite scalability at the lowest possible cost by taking advantage of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) spot market, which provides customers with the most cost-effective solution to constantly changing processing needs.

“UltraFlix has created one the largest 4K Ultra HD libraries in the world,” said David Trescot, CEO of Hybrik. “They have been able to rapidly migrate their workflow to the cloud using Hybrik to make their business nimbler and cost competitive.”

Hybrik’s large-scale transcoding platform is used by some of the largest media companies in the world. Its service is based on Amazon’s AWS cloud platform and provides transcoding, quality control, accelerated file transfer, large-scale storage, and streaming to deliver video optimized for every screen.

About UltraFlix, A NanoTech Company
Headquartered in San Jose, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley, with offices in Los Angeles and Boston, UltraFlix is an award-winning direct to consumer 4K Ultra HD media destination and digital distribution network. UltraFlix is the world’s first 4K Ultra HD streaming content destination delivering hundreds of 4K Ultra HD film selections. UltraFlix is available on most major 4K Ultra HD TV and OTT streaming devices. UltraFlix’s 4K Studios Division is also engaged in the re-mastering of film and videos, using the company’s state-of-the-art scanners and proprietary remastering technologies to create 4K Ultra HD digital masters, for distribution on the UltraFlix Network and Ultra HD Blu-ray disks. More information can be found at

About Hybrik
Based in Mountain View, Calif., Hybrik is the new standard in cloud-based, large-scale media workflow management. Our comprehensive service cost-effectively delivers video optimized for every screen with integrated transcoding, quality control, accelerated file transfer, large-scale storage, and streaming. Learn more at

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