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Utelogy Continues its Expanded Canadian Distribution Partnership with Techni+Contact

Utelogy Corporation, a visionary provider of management, monitoring, and analytics software for the connected workspace, is extending its partnership with Techni+Contact, a distributor of audio-video and IT equipment and accessories for the integration and custom installation markets in Canada. Techni+Contact will play a key role in driving deployments of Utelogy’s platform to increase the return on investment (ROI) on AV/UC estate management and improve user experiences across organizations of any size.

The long-standing collaboration with Utelogy is enabling Techni+Contact to complement its traditional hardware-based audio-visual offerings with an expanded software solutions portfolio, a combination that is key for continuing its growth, especially within its core Government, Education, and Corporate markets.

“Techni+Contact actively seeks new technologies to help improve the A/V user experience,” said Julie Legault, President of Techni+Contact. “With a focus on technology, it is important for us to adapt to market changes. Utelogy is a great fit as IT and software have become more prevalent in our everyday lives. We are thrilled to have Utelogy as a partner as their software solution is unique to anything else available in the market. Utelogy’s focus on continuous improvement aligns perfectly with Techni+Contact’s strive for excellence.”

According to Techni+Contact, leveraging software to connect a manufacturer-agnostic network of audio-visual devices enables virtually all of Techni+Contact’s hardware solutions to seamlessly integrate with Utelogy, creating an agile, flexible, and scalable complete solution for the management and operation of a unified A/V system.

The Utelogy platform manages all aspects of an AV/UC estate to improve the user experience in terms of equipment readiness and usability, usage reporting and analytics, maintenance, and support.  Effective use of the software-driven platform can increase ROI and reduce total cost of ownership, transforming how users deploy AV/UC assets, and the way usage data is gathered, analyzed and turned into usable insights for future planning and budgeting.

“Techni+Contact Canada uses its extensive relationships with consultants, installers, and AV/IT integrators across the country as a one-stop-shop for all A/V and IT needs,” said Frank Pellkofer, President of Utelogy. “With Utelogy in its portfolio, their broad distribution network will continue to create a wider audience for our platform and offer a completely hardware agnostic solution which benefits both our clients by providing them with new opportunities.”



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