Video-Connected Society Thrives with EvoStream Innovation

EvoStream ramps up content distribution platform with RaspberryPi and low-latency HTML5 to provide greater efficiencies in real-time delivery of live video streaming and metadata transmission
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San Diego, Calif., June 26, 2017 –The explosion of live streaming video to and from a variety of connected devices, appliances and services including the cloud, mobile platforms, social media, IP cameras and network recorders is driving a new category of high-end real-time video streaming solutionsoffering reduced bandwidth requirements, high scalability and lower total cost of ownership. EvoStream Inc., a global technology OEM enablingcompany specializing in server and video streaming software,is leading the initiative, launching new services targeting the security, video surveillance and audiovisual markets.

Designed to simplify the technical complexities and challenges of live streaming video typically encountered by manufacturers in an increasingly video-centric society, EvoStream partners with product hardware and device development teams to integrate its middleware software solution into a range of firmware – spanning multiple technologies, standards and protocols. EvoStream’ssolution runs on any platform, appliance or device including standalone servers, server racks, public and private clouds and other distribution channels using the same Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

EvoStream Addresses Nascent Industry Trends

“As an embedded solution for devices, cloud infrastructure, cameras and other mobile video applications, we recognize the need to provide a cost-effective solution with minimal hardware requirements, lower operating expenses and high scalability along with the lowest incurred live streaming infrastructure costs,” said Wandrille Losay, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of EvoStream. “The latest developments from EvoStream, such as Peer-to-Peer streaming, an effective HTML5 replacement for Flash browser technology and an inexpensive transcoding solution using the RaspberryPi (RPi) are part of our commitment to providing leading edge technology to video streaming applications in this rapidly changing space.”

EvoStream is an engine for greater efficiency in live streaming video – both as a software agent for smart content generation devices and a software engine for efficient content distribution platforms.The ability to deliver any streaming workflow and user experience on any device, scale readily with the lowest infrastructure costs and accelerate innovation and time to market are key benefits of EvoStream Media Server Version 1.7.

EvoStream 1.7 features Peer-to-Peer streaming, reducing bandwidth costs and infrastructure operating requirements by streaming directly from IP cameras, mobile devices, drones, loT devices, browsers, phones and tablets. It effectively lessens and removes the challenges of bandwidth costs from the physical IT infrastructure while still permitting precise client control of content.

Traditional video streaming consumes exorbitant amounts of bandwidth and users pay for video routed through their servers. EvoStream’s Peer-to-Peer streaming from network recording devices and IP cameras dramatically reduces infrastructure and operating costs for customer’s live streaming services. Users stream live from cameras directly to any device, with the ability to authenticate and approve peering from the back-end infrastructure while enabling low-latency HTML5 without incurring excessive platform bandwidth costs.By using Peer-to-Peer, the video does not go through servers, but instead streams directly between the camera and the end-user’s phone (for example), therefore eliminating that cost of bandwidth from the user’s platform. EvoStream Peer-to-Peer supports the H.264 codec and other widely specified compression standards and protocols.

EvoStream is the Solution for VulnerableFlash Technology

In addition, EvoStream has effectively orchestrated the replacement of Flash technology for low-latency live streaming work flows.EvoStream software provides the latest fullHTML5/native implementation player that can be used for either cloud-based or Peer-to-Peer streaming without Flash technology.

Enabling live streaming at a lower resolution without additional transcoding equipment, EvoStream also offers RaspberryPiintegration. Designed for live streaming to social media such as Facebook, YouTube or Periscope, the RPi transcoder avoids the use of costly custom hardware or full-sized servers usually required to handle high CPU demands required by software-only transcoders. The EvoStream RPi Transcoder is an inexpensive hardware appliance that can be used for many applications, such as live streaming directly from HD security cameras to mobile players; low-cost full-featured camera NVRs; low-cost on-premisesstream distribution (ships, buses, store fronts, etc.). The RPi Transcoder effectively downscalesHD H.264 streams to lower resolutions and bitrates suitable for 3/4G streaming, salvo views and more. With the EvoStream Media Server and the EvoStream RPi Transcoder users can insert a single-channel transcoder into virtually any live streaming workflow.

For more information about the value proposition for live video and metadata streaming from EvoStream or a free trial, contact EvoStream today at; (858)454-9393.