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VSI Calls On AID for New LA Studio Complex

Voice and Script International is a World Leader in Localization

Pictured (L-R) at Voice Script International in Los Angeles are Alex Weiser, VSI General Manager, North America; Jim Pace, President of Audio Intervisual Design, and Oscar Garcia, VSI Staff Audio Engineer.  Photo by David Goggin.

Los Angeles, CA, November 2017 – With more than 25 years of experience and over 21 state-of-the-art facilities worldwide, the Voice and Script International Group (VSI) is one of the world’s leading translation and localization recording companies. VSI is a global service provider for all language needs, offering lip-sync dubbing, voice-over, subtitling, translation, post-production, creative and access services.

Before designing and building their new Los Angeles studio complex, VSI General Manager, North America, Alex Weiser contacted Jim Pace, President of Audio Intervisual Design (AID) to assist in finding the ideal location in Sherman Oaks. Pace and the team at AID worked with Weiser and the VSI London headquarters team to design and create the three-control room complex, which has two recording spaces and the ability to record both voice and musical instruments, as well as other post-production operations. One of the requirements was the ability to mix in professional Dolby ATMOS format for home theater.

VSI localizes theatrical movies, TV series, documentaries, award shows, advertisements and more. VSI’s expert teams possess in-depth knowledge and cultural understanding of global brands across all industry sectors, making it an ideal localization company to help businesses grow international sales.

“Every studio in the group is equipped with the latest ProTools,” says Alex Weiser, “which is an international standard for audio recording and mixing. We sometimes mix material here that has been recorded abroad or vice versa. We can also mix several versions of certain content centrally for consistency and quality.”

Jim Pace explains the role of VSI’s chief audio engineer, “Oscar Garcia’s involvement as recording engineer and producer is to make sure that vocal believability occurs, which requires a special sensitivity and experience. It requires knowing the abilities of the talent, getting the right talent in, and also working with directors to accomplish this. With their multi-facility locations around the world, there is a lot of interaction. It really is a global company, now with a high-end hub here in Los Angeles.”

Alex Weiser continues, “AID helped us design the facility in a very innovative way. We have a complex system, but one that is also very flexible. We use the latest technologies and tools that allow us to provide a fully interconnected facility to manage most any project.”

VSI Group:

Read the entire in-depth conversation with VSI:

Audio Intervisual Design (AID) provides tools for the creative community with unparalleled product expertise and technical support. The company represents over 200 audio/video technology brands and specializes in both product sales and complete system integration with first class training and technical support. AID specializes in media facilities and technology for music and audio post production and has successfully completed hundreds of integration projects. Jim Pace was one of the founders in 1983 and now owns and manages the company. Originally based out of the Record Plant Studios, the head office is currently located on La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood.
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