IsoAcoustic Modular Acoustic Isolation Stands

Amplifier stand 11/10/2014 7:26 AM Eastern

IsoAcoustic Modular Acoustic Isolation Stands

Nov 10, 2014 12:26 PM


IsoAcoustics’ new line of aluminum Modular Acoustic Isolation Stands can be custom configured to meet the needs of guitar and bass players, and other musicians for a variety of instrument amplifier and speaker situations. Featuring an all-aluminum construction that can be built to any size matrix configuration, the stands utilize IsoAcoustics easy-to-use online Design Calculator to allow end-users to enter the specific amp or speaker model or other input parameters to create a custom configuration, which considers size, weight, and intended use. The stands can be configured to any size for any application from 8in.x8in. and larger, and can address the specific requirements of weight capacities which may exceed 200 psf. Custom orders for the IsoAcoustics Modular Stand System can be processed by your local retailer. The stands will also be available at retail in standard common sizes to complement popular brands of larger monitors, subwoofers, and guitar/bass amplifiers.

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