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Also integral to the home theater installer and enthusiast are things like satellites, mounts, specialized furniture and more. 9/28/2001 8:00 AM Eastern

More Products

Sep 28, 2001 12:00 PM, Editors


A/V Furniture

Becker Design Inc. presents a Swivel Base for its Ventura and a newVentura Max unit. The swivel base fits most Ventura models and canrotate 360?. It is made of black wood. The Ventura Max is a shelfsystem with a wire management system and open shelving for air tocirculate around components (preventing heat build up and prolongingcomponent life).

A/V Furniture

BDI also makes the Lido Collection, an audio/video tower and a TVstand. This piece of furniture has a floating glass top, solid woodbase with metal supports, and optional glass doors. It can house avariety of components, including heavy items.

Dimming Systems

The Dimension® architectural lighting control systems fit a rangeof requirements. Controllers and control consoles can be used togetherwith customized, high-density remote dimmer panels and lightweight,rolling dimmer racks. Dimension controller options include apush-button model with slide controls, a digital controller with LCDdisplay and a touchscreen controller. The control stations come withfour to 16 individual control zones and 16 user-programmable scenecapability. Systems are available in 65 colors and textures.

Articulating Swivel Mount

This plasma screen Articulating Swivel Mount supports 40-inch to50-inch plasma screens from several manufacturers. The screen can beoriented horizontally or vertically to achieve almost any viewingangle. It features a 0? to 10? tilt and a wall plate with multipleattachment points so the extension arm can be shifted left or right ofcenter. The wall arm has dual pivot points for adjustability; and thescreen can be positioned against the wall or extended out to 28inches.

Electronics Tower

The Electronics Tower™ wall-mounted A/V entertainment centersupports any combination of audio-visual equipment in a small space. Itis engineered for practicality and style, with cords hidden behind thecover plate. Towers are available in three models: the PM627 (for 25-to 27-inch TVs), the PM632 (for 30- to 32-inch TVs) and the PM610(which features four height-adjustable supports for electronics withoutthe television shelf). Towers are constructed of heavy-duty steel andare finished in scratch-resistant black epoxy.

Flat Satellite TV Antenna
Satcom Electronics

PASSPort™ Mini Plus is a versatile portable flat-panel satellitetelevision antenna that can also be a semi-permanent installation byadding mounting brackets. The Mini Plus kit includes the lightweightPASSPort antenna, portable mount, digital satellite seeker, DBS-TVreceiver and built-in camera shoe, all in a provided carrying case.

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