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Fidelity Electronics' Digital Picture Frames use high-resolution LCD TFT screens to display digital images directly from a digital memory card. Available in 5.6in. and 8in. frames (supporting 10- and 8/01/2006 8:00 AM Eastern

What's New:
Residential Technology

Aug 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Charissa Young


Fidelity Electronics' Digital Picture Frames use high-resolution LCD TFT screens to display digital images directly from a digital memory card. Available in 5.6in. and 8in. frames (supporting 10- and 12-megapixel images, respectively), users can display their images in slideshow, zoom-in, and zoom-out modes to bring their photos to life. The displayed media can be controlled with a wireless remote or directly on the frame. No installation is required.
▪ Fidelity Electronics


Elan Home Systems' new v883 component video switcher can independently route up to eight component video sources to eight TVs or monitors over long distances. The switcher allows you to send component video signals up to 300ft. over RG-6 coaxial cable, or up to 500ft. over Cat-5 cable when used in conjunction with Elan's CVWP component video wallplate kit. The switcher also distributes standard composite video from non-component sources such as CCTV cameras and VCRs.
▪ Elan |


Elite Screens' ezFrame series features fixed-frame projection screens with black velvet frame surfacing to eliminate glare. Ranging from 84in. to 200in. in diagonal measurement, all the screens have scattered projection angles up to 100 degrees. The screens also mount flush against the wall to occupy minimal space and come in 4:3 (TV/video) and 16:9 (HDTV) ratios.
▪ Elite Screens |


Crestron's new MPS series delivers standalone, turnkey MediaManager presentation systems. The models integrate a 2-Series Ethernet control system, multimedia switcher, audio amplifier, balanced audio with professional DSP, mic inputs, discrete touchpanel preview out, and full QuickMedia signal routing and processing. All MPS models also feature RoomView remote management capabilities, making the MPS products ideal for a wide range of rooms.
▪ Crestron |


Panamax's MAX In-Wall PowerKit-TL is a four-component kit designed to provide power to remote display devices within a home theater system. Used in conjunction with a Furman Sound power conditioner, the system supplies safe, pure power from the main equipment rack to any remote display device, amplifier, or power subwoofer, while at the same time improving picture and sound quality. The PowerKit includes a Power Inlet faceplate with a twistlock connector, a Power Outlet faceplate for noise filtration, a 50ft. ground-rated in-wall power cable, and a 12ft. AC power cord that shields out performance-robbing noise.
▪ Furman Sound |


Measuring 11.5"×11.5"×5", Nigel B. Design's Plenum equipment box discreetly houses AV systems, diminishing the threat of theft. Power enters the box directly to the supplied interior AC receptacle, allowing power and wiring to remain enclosed inside the projector's mounting pole. The box also allows a projector to mount flush against ceiling tiles.
▪ Nigel B. Design


Williams Sound's SoundPlus TV infrared listening system allows a person to listen to his or her favorite television program discreetly, without increasing the volume on the external television speaker. The system connects directly to the TV or VCR or DVD player using standard RCA audio cables. Listeners wear a wireless under-the-chin style receiver to pick up the television audio by way of an invisible infrared audio signal within 30ft. of the line-of-site area of the transmitter.
▪ Williams Sound

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