HK Audio SoundCaddy One

A line array/woofer combo from HK Audio. 11/22/2011 11:08 AM Eastern

HK Audio SoundCaddy One

Nov 22, 2011 4:08 PM

HK Audio SoundCaddy One

HK Audio announced the SoundCaddy One system. The SoundCaddy One provides the benefits of a line array/woofer combo in a compact and portable format. Inside the SoundCaddy One are three 6in. bass speakers, six 3.5in. mid/high drivers, a 600W class D amplifier, and a complete 4-channel mixer. This PA system is completely self-contained and can be used for both speech and music. The SoundCaddy One can be moved into position on its built-in wheels. A firm push on its top releases the mid/high array, which rises from the cabinet on a pneumatic lift. Once adjusted to the desired height, it can be twisted to lock into place. The back panel offers access to a full 4-channel mixer. The mono channels are each equipped with a Neutrik XLR/guitar combo input, a volume knob, and a tone control. Next to those are two stereo channels (line in, aux in), each offering a volume and a contour control. Using the XLR line out, a second SoundCaddy One can be connected to create a fuller stereo or dual mono system. Price: $4,000

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