Illuminating Projection

When Casas Church needed powerful display technology to light up the large stage, church leaders chose Christie’s Roadster HD14K-J 3-chip DLP projectors. 3/15/2013 11:58 AM Eastern

Illuminating Projection

Mar 15, 2013 3:58 PM

When 61-year-old Tucson, Ariz.-based Casas Church needed powerful display technology to light up the large stage at its 2,500-seat sanctuary and worship center, church leaders chose Christie’s Roadster HD14K-J 3-chip DLP projectors based on the recommendation of Phoenix-based integration firm, Audio Video Resources.

“It was a no-brainer to choose Christie when you looked at performance and cost,” says Chris Henley, account manager, AVR. “We did a demo of the projectors that provided a dramatic and convincing case for choosing Christie versus the competition. In fact, the projectors proved so bright that when we installed them, we set them at only 75-percent brightness level, which will also prolong the already long life of the Xenon lamps.”

Church leaders praised the Roadster solution, which allowed them to replace the previous three-projector/three-screen setup with only two Roadster HD14K-J projectors, each lighting up a 19’5”x11’ wide-format screen positioned above the stage—one on each side.

Adam Taylor, who manages Casas Church’s light and sound system, says the previous system simply did not have adequate brightness—even in low lighting. It also couldn’t produce HD-quality graphics or video content for the three Sunday services, business conferences, and various concerts the Church holds throughout the year.

“I have always known Christie to be the industry standard and had heard great things about its customer service, so I was confident they would be right for our ministry and offer the performance and reliability required to effectively light up our worship facility,” Taylor says. “More importantly, because they are cost-effective, they also meet the frugal needs of our church leaders, who must focus our financial resources on meeting the spiritual needs of our congregation.”

PRODUCT AT WORK: Christie Roadster HD14K-J

Part of the Mirage J series projectors, it features Christie Twist image warping and edge-blending; Xenon DLP performance in a compact chassis, a full 3D upgrade path; the ability to use existing legacy lamps, lenses, and accessories; liquid cooling allows for operating temperatures up to 104 F (40 C) in Roadster and high-power Mirage models; and portrait orientation capabilities.

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