Yamaha CL Series

The Yamaha CL Series is a Dante network-based console. 4/24/2012 5:33 PM Eastern

Yamaha CL Series

Apr 24, 2012 9:33 PM

Yamaha CL5

Yamaha has announced the CL Series of digital consoles. The Yamaha CL Series is a Dante network-based console. All three CL models feature 24 mix buses, eight matrix buses, stereo and mono outputs, and 16 DCAs. The Yamaha CL5 mix capacity is 72 mono and eight stereo inputs (64 channels through Dante and eight local), with 34 faders (16 on the left, eight Centralogic, and eight on the right plus stereo and mono masters). The CL5 also includes built-in output metering. The CL3 is a 64-mono input system, with eight stereo inputs and 26 faders (16 left, eight Centralogic center, plus masters). The CL1 console is a 48-mono and eight stereo inputs, and 16 faders plus two master faders (eight left and eight Centralogic center, plus masters). All models feature 16 DCAs, channel encoders, and support 48kHz and 44.1kHz sampling rates. All CL consoles are configured with a top panel center section with a comprehensive selected channel section, a 16-bit color LED back-lit touch screen, four user-defined knobs, a built-in help system, two-track USB recorder/player section, and more. The CL Series features 16 31-band GEQs, an 8U effects rack and a new 8U Premium Rack. The fader sections of all CL consoles features new self-lit key tops, channel name and color bar visible in sunlight, new fader caps and a smoother drive circuit. The Centralogic section also features undo and preview keys for scene memory, fader bank select, and 16 user-defined keys. Price: CL5, $27,499; CL3, $21,999; CL1, $14,999

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