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December 2005

December 2005 Features Top Technology Products of 2005 By Jack Kontney What’s the next big thing? New products are brought to market at an ever-increasing pace. We see them...


November 2005

November 2005 Features Listening Evaluation By Rick Kamlet You walk into a semi-darkened room about the size of a small living room. The selective lighting reveals six comfortable chairs....


October 2005

October 2005 Features Biometrics 101 By Steve Filippini Earlier in my career, when I was a field technician for a local security company, it wasn’t uncommon for me to...


September 2005

September 2005 Features Acoustical Measurement and Predictive Modeling By Bruce Borgerson The snowballing advances in computer hardware power and the accelerating rate of software development have altered the landscape...


August 2005

August 2005 Features Fiber vs. Copper By Bennett Liles Is there actually a conflict between conveyance media? Listening to the traditional rhetoric, one might think that there is a...


July 2005

July 2005 Features The Next Killer App By Brad Gleeson New industries evolve; they don’t emerge overnight. The digital signage industry has reached the stage in its evolution. People...


June 2005

June 2005 Features Beyond House Calls By Rosanne Soifer Lights, camera, scalpel! Telemedicine is making its mark on the medical world. This article provides an overview of telemedicine and...


May 2005

May 2005 Features NSCA 2005 Wrapup By Mark Johnson and Trevor Boyer Sprinkler system malfunction and misdirected emergency evacuation announcement notwithstanding, the 2005 NSCA Systems Integration Expo in Orlando,...


April 2005

April 2005 Features Acoustic Enhancement By Steve Barbar For some time now, the use of acoustic enhancement systems has been on the rise, due in part to the improvement...


March 2005

March 2005 Features No Tech Left Behind By Bruce Borgerson Back when the world was analog, major new product introductions were accompanied by, at most, a few hours of...


February 2005

February 2005 Features Designing Scientifically By Tony Warner We’ve all seen it, and if we’re honest, we’ve probably all done it at some point: cutting and pasting elements from...


January 2005

January 2005 Features Video Production Basics By David Riffle An increasing number of clients of AV systems integrators want to produce their own video. Systems integrators need to be...