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February 2005

February 2005


Designing Scientifically

By Tony Warner

We’ve all seen it, and if we’re honest, we’ve probably all done it at some point: cutting and pasting elements from a previous design to easily create a new one….

Technology Showcase: Room Combining

By Daniel Keller

The ancient proverb tells us change is inevitable. And adapting to change is key to survival. The ability to change and adapt to new conditions is an…

Technology Showcase: Interactive Presentation Technologies

By Jay Ankeney

For the past few decades, whiteboards coupled with dry-erase markers have served as colorful, cleaner alternatives to the classic chalkboard. More recently,…

Installation Profile: Conferencing in Style

By Daniel Keller

“I’d like to thank the Academy…” Anyone who has ever watched the Oscars has heard this phrase as an indispensable part of every winner’s acceptance speech….


ClearOne Communications RAV 600/900

By John McJunkin

Business requires sophisticated communication, and virtually every kind of communication technology has been adapted and enhanced to accommodate the business…

Serious Magic Visual Communicator 2

By Jeff Sauer

When the professional AV industry talks about producing video, it’s generally about getting a good-looking picture on a quality display rather than the process of actually creating the video material. After all, wiring and evaluating video displays is what we do…


Editor’s Note: The Blurry Lines

By Mark Johnson

No, I didn’t forget my glasses. I can see the lines just fine, and they are blurring. In the old days, equipment and systems meant for fixed installs…

Picture This: Consumer Confluence

By Jeff Sauer

The annual Consumer Electronics Show has a reputation for having all the latest gadgets, and that’s well-deserved. Unfortunately, that perception ultimately…

Associations Focus: ICIA Shines

Consultants are well aware of the routine difficulties involved in designing comprehensive AV facilities. Imagine, then, the added effort required to…

Associations Focus: Profit From Experience

How do you keep good employees when you don’t have room to promote them? How do you finish a job when the homeowner isn’t cooperating? When should you…

Associations Focus: Make it Happen at NSCA

Systems integrators thriving today know the secret to their success is a unique blend of technical expertise, fresh ideas, and reliance on good people…

Security Watch: Finding Your Security Niche

By Bret Bass

Video surveillance products, in varying forms, have been a part of the security industry for decades. The concept arose during the early years of television…

POV: Manufacturers Council Spotlight

By Lee Dodson

The ICIA Manufacturers Council is open to all manufacturer members of the International Communications Industries Association (ICIA) who are interested…


The Buzz: Install of the Month

By Trevor Boyer

The Sept. 11, 2001, attacks have spurred many companies to rely on communications technologies in order to spread their workforces across different locations. WellChoice, the parent company…

The Buzz: Newsmakers

John Carpanini has been promoted from executive vice president to president of JBL Professional. HME has added seven sales representatives to eight previously…

The Buzz: 20 Years Ago in Sound & Video Contractor

By Mark Johnson

February 1985 was one of the largest issues to date. In the cover article It’s Not Easy Being Green, Marge Gustafson, Chet Heyberger, and Larry Johnson, all from the portable oscilloscope division of Tektronix, offered basic instruction along with some tips on using an oscilloscope. Many people call EPCOT EPCOT. But who knows that it stands for Experimental Prototype…

The Buzz: Industry News

Harris Forms New Software Business Unit Harris formed a new Software Systems business unit within its broadcast communications division, combining the…

The Buzz: Contractor’s Web Watch The Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) recently launched its new website, completely redesigned for easier navigation…

The Buzz: Upcoming Events

February 21-22 Collaborative Conferencing SummitNew York/ March 10-12 NSCANational Systems Contractors AssociationOrlando,


What’s New

What’s New: Audio Technology

Audio Mixer Crest Performance The 16-channel CPM 2462 mixer features low-noise I-PRO XLR mic inputs for studio or live audio…

What’s New: Video Technology

Camcorder Panasonic The AJ-SDC905 dual-mode camcorder features three 2/3in. CCDs, 12-bit DSP for 65dB signal-to-noise ratio, a sensitivity of f/13 at 2000 lux, and an IEEE 1394 I/O for 50Mbps nonlinear editing. The camcorder offers 4:2:2-sampled DVCPRO50…

What’s New: Security Technology

Ethernet Switch International Fiber Systems (IFS) The EtherNav D7600 series segments Ethernet network traffic…

What’s New: AV Technology

Bulkhead Media Converters Stratos Lightwave The BMC handles both optical-to-electrical and full physical layer (PHY) conversion in harsh environment applications. The integrated bulkhead design simplifies the incorporation of optical interfaces and eliminates virtually all packaging issues. BMC units are available for either 62.5/125 or 50/125µm multimode fiber and can be equipped with one to four optical channels in various combinations of simplex and duplex configurations.

What’s New: Residential Technology

Amplifiers Trian Electronics rian’s Audia Flight amplifiers use current feedback, rather than the usual voltage feedback, for improved sonic performance. This new approach eliminates shortcomings of traditional voltage feedback designs…

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