These golden headphones were crafted by a mad genius

By Vlad Savov, Circuit Breaker
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By Vlad Savov, Circuit Breaker

Final Audio Piano Forte X

What at you see before you are the Final Audio Piano Forte X in-ear headphones, which cost a spectacular $2,199 and look, in the merciless words of a friend of mine, "like mini...[censored]. 

Not only are they expensive and garish, they aren’t even all that impressive technically. But if you think that’s a recipe for a total luxury tech disaster, you’d be wrong. These weird headphones sound good, fit well, and embody a unique recklessness — both from the designer and purchaser — that ensures their long-term exclusivity.

Final Audio is a Japanese company that is niche even by the high standards of extremism of Japanese audiophilia...MORE@CircuitBreaker



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