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On The Circuit

On The Circuit

Cynthia Wisehart on Dante Rebrand

In late November, Audinate announced a major brand identity refresh that positions Dante as a complete AV-over-IP distribution platform. It’s a role Dante has been occupying and growing into...

On The Circuit

Cynthia Wisehart on AI

Talk of AI is everywhere—often amorphous and nonspecific. It’s hyped and it’s feared, but in many ways, it’s not so new. In the AV world, software assisted intelligent technology...

On The Circuit

Cynthia Wisehart on SVC

Welcome to our redesign of SVC. More of a refresh actually. We wanted to make the print magazine more tech-friendly so we could include more visual information, and it...

On The Circuit

Cynthia Wisehart on Dante AV

Many things that started in 2019, traveled an unanticipated path to 2023. Dante AV is one of those things. In 2019, Audinate made two significant announcements, Dante AV and...

On The Circuit

Cynthia Wisehart on TAIT

In March, news came that the bangin’ rock & roll experience company TAIT had acquired the imaginative powerhouse Thinkwell now in its 20th anniversary year. When Michael Tait founded...

On The Circuit

Cynthia Wisehart on eGlass

I think we’ve all had quite different experiences adapting to video calls and meetings, and a personal range of comfort and discomfort. I learned about some of my preferences...

On The Circuit

Cynthia Wisehart on the Election

The Secretaries of State across our country are in the middle of executing a giant seven-month change order. Actually, it’s multiple change orders for simultaneous job sites all over...

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Spring ISD Selects BenQ Boards for Classrooms

The Texas School District Chose the Award-Winning Smart Boards Based on Teacher Friendliness, Collaboration Capabilities, and Ease of Management COSTA MESA, Calif. — Feb. 29, 2024 — BenQ, an...

Riedel Announces Strategic Partnership With Hibino Intersound Corporation to Expand Distribution in Japan

Link to Word Doc: Link to Japanese Translation: Photo Link: Photo Caption: Left to right: Takashi Kozuma, Hibino Corporation; Vincent Lambert, Riedel Communications. Photo Link:

The Best Just Got Better

Extron is excited to introduce new capabilities to the award-winning NAV Pro AV over IP Series. These new features include the latest evolution of the NAV PURE3 codec. PURE3...