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Learning From the Best

Being all things to a customer isn't always the best business practice.

Learning From the Best

Dec 3, 2014 3:36 PM, By David Keene

Historically, AV rental & staging companies and live event “production” companies were very distinct entities. The rental & staging companies provided all the staging gear– either by just renting it out from their warehouse (the “rental” company) or bringing the gear to the live event and making it all work together for the event (the “stagers”). Production companies designed the event and made sure the stagers brought the right gear to the event and made it work for an hour or two hours. But with more austere budgets, with end-users wanting to change the content right up to and actually during the show, and with the advent of big wholesale AV “rental” houses with acres of gear on hand, all those roles are becoming confused. What happens with stagers want to become production specialists?

I asked none other than one of the top staging company executives in the world to address this issue in this month’s Rental & Staging. Les Goldberg, CEO of LMG, is one of the most successful stagers out there. He doesn’t have to write articles for the trade press. And he doesn’t need the PR that articles provide. But he cares passionately about core industry issues. And he takes the time to share his sometimes-strong opinions and well-honed tips. Check out Les’ column where he outlines some of the pitfalls of trying to be all things to all customers. Good advice cuts across industry borders– and it takes a top executive or manager to figure out these lessons that drive all successful businesses regardless of the industry.

Speaking of industry-crossing lessons– also in this issue, I asked Midori Connolly– whom we all know is the guru of Apps for use in live events, to broaden out her advice this month and tell us about Apps not just for engaging the audiences at live events, but Apps for your own use and benefit. After all, we can all learn from and use Apps that cross over industry boundaries. (Of course– lucky for us– Midori could not resist the temptation to throw in a few more cool live event engagement Apps.)

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