WATCH: Need to Know - 5G

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Need to Know - Cybersecurity_FINAL

Need to Know: Cybersecurity

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Future’s third edition of Need to Know, a series exploring complex topics like blockchain, 5G and artificial intelligence — and how they apply to each industry served by our websites and magazines. “We keep building new things on old infrastructure that more


WATCH: AV in Space

A curious robot is heading to the ISS aboard the next SpaceX resupply mission. It's shaped like a ball with a flattened surface where its face is drawn on a screen -- plus, it can speak, respond to spoken commands and fly. The machine called CIMON, which is short for Crew more


WATCH: Alexa gone rogue

Even though this is a freak occurrence, it does affect people’s perception of and comfort with smart devices. Your customers will need you to be conversant in security. One way to be more secure-aware is to use these devices at home.     To find hear (and delete) every more