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On the Circut

If your company is in need of good entry-level talent—or if you wish to help cultivate entry-level talent—consider these two conversations I had this week.


Acoustics: Beyond Mythology

Like no other, the field of acoustics is rife with myth, misinformation, and marketing tactics that belies the true science and legacy of the trade.

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Neutrik Americas Announces Team Expansion

Charlotte, NC – August 2022… Neutrik Americas, part of the Neutrik Group, which is recognized globally as the leading supplier of robust and reliable professional connectivity solutions for audio,...

MR Factory collaborates with Mo-Sys

Mo-Sys Announces Significant Collaboration with MR Factory

Mo-Sys Engineering, world leader in precision camera tracking solutions for virtual production, has today announced a strategic partnership with MR Factory.     The move brings together an unrivalled...