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Cinematic Community

Like many faith communities, Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado has found a new sense of mission in pandemic. As with so much adaptation and innovation these...


Case Study: US children’s hospital

A new state-of-the-art media production facility at a major US children’s hospital, funded by private donations, gives ambulatory patients a chance to participate in content creation while children in...


Making a Remote Orchestra Work

The annual Innovation In Music conference is an international music event that brings together researchers and professionals who are shaping the future of the music industry. The event welcomes...


Case Study: DGA Theater, California

The Directors Guild of America recently completed a total renovation of its flagship motion picture exhibition space at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles with installation of custom-built Dolby...


Case Study:, Toronto is a popular Toronto, ON based live streaming and tabletop gaming company, and “Into the Mist” features improvised live play of Dungeons & Dragons’ “Curse of Strahd” campaign...

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