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Structural Engineering Awards 2019

The Institution of Structural Engineers knows how to pick 'em.

Here are the Structural Engineering Award winners for 2019, as awarded by the UK-based Institution of Structural Engineers. Pretty fancy engineering.

Click the image links for more images and much more information about each of the projects.

1. Structural Engineering Award for Tall or Slender Structures: CITIC Tower, Beijing
Awarded for structural engineering excellence in projects where height or slenderness presents a particular structural challenge in the design and construction.

Structural Engineering Award winners CITIC Tower
Images: © Fu Xing Architectural Photography; Tom van Dillen; Hans Georg Esch

The CITIC Tower in Beijing reaches 528m; this 108-story tower is possibly the world’s tallest building constructed in a high seismic zone. Structural designer: Arup and Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd

2. Structural Engineering Award for Long Span Structures: New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Awarded for structural engineering excellence in buildings (not bridges) incorporating particularly long spans, relative to the proportions of the structure.

Structural Engineering Award winner
Images: © Hufton + Crow (1+2); Greshoff; Hufton + Crow

For the New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium the cable-net roof structure is a key feature of this stadium redevelopment project. The final design is a lightweight looped cable structure with an outer compression ring and two inner tension rings. The new multi-purpose stadium can seat 62,062 and will also host NFL games. Structural designer: BuroHappold Engineering and Schlaich Bergermann Partner

3. Structural Engineering Award for Vehicle Bridges: Kienlesberg Bridge
Awarded for excellence in the design of bridges carrying highways and/or railways.

Images: © Knight Architects; Wilfried Dechau;

The Kienlesberg Bridge is a combined tram, cyclist, and pedestrian bridge crossing a busy railway hub. The 270m-long crossing has a unique undulating appearance. The structure was prefabricated in segments which were welded on site and launched over live rail traffic. Structural designer: KREBS + KIEFER

4. Structural Engineering Award for Pedestrian Bridges: Tanxishan Glass Landscape
Awarded for excellence in the design of pedestrian and/or cycle bridges, or other lightweight bridge structures.

Tanxishan Glass Landscape pedestrian bridge Spanning two cliffs on the top of Tanxi Mountain, this curved girder bridge is supported by a single-side cable arch system. Due to the harsh and narrow construction space on the top of the mountain, an innovative construction method was required. Structural designer: Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., LTD

5. Structural Engineering Award for Small Projects under £3m: Millet Vinegar Museum
Awarded for excellence in the structural design of projects with a construction cost of less than three million pounds.

The entrance hall of Millet Vinegar Museum is a newly built dome with a height of 9.1m and a diameter of 12m. The construction scheme combined use of a local brick kiln with the latest masonry technology.  Structural designer: Tianjin University Research Institute of Architectural Design & Urban Planning

6. Award for Structures in Extreme Conditions: Turanga Library
Awarded for excellence in the design of structures subject to extreme actions, including marine and offshore structures and those in seismic zones, or involving unusually complex interactions with the ground and/or particularly challenging foundations.

Images: © Free4M

A new central library built following the devastating 2010-2011 earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand. Tūranga Library was constructed to very stringent seismic performance criteria and features state-of-art seismic resisting systems. Structural designer: Lewis Bradford Consulting Engineers

7. Award for Structural Heritage: Newquay Harper Footbridge
Awarded for excellence in structural design where important heritage characteristics of the original structure are maintained through appropriate restoration, conservation, extension or refurbishment.

Images: © Adam Mork (1)

Restoration works to the Newquay Harper footbridge returned it to its original structural design preserving one of the few ‘Harper Bridge’ designs remaining in the UK and an important piece of British engineering history. A method was devised by the engineers to carry out the restoration without support works, allowing the bridge to remain open throughout and creating a considerable cost saving for their client. Structural Designer: Free4m Consulting Ltd

8. Award for Structural Transformation: Coal Drops Yard
Awarded for projects demonstrating structural engineering excellence in the transformation, extension, renovation or rehabilitation of an existing building or structure.

structural engineering award transformation
Images: © John Sturrock

The transformation of two Victorian train sheds and arches created the Coal Drops Yard retail centre and focal point for London’s King’s Cross development. The project combined Victorian engineering with contemporary interventions that enhance the historic architecture and features a striking new roof and floating floor. Structural designer: Arup

9. Award for Construction Innovation: Morpheus Hotel
Awarded for projects demonstrating structural engineering excellence in the innovative use of construction materials or processes.

structural engineering award innovation
Images: © Virgile Simon Bertrand (1+2)

The fifth tower in Macau’s ‘City of Dreams’ leisure and entertainment complex stands 160m high. The Mopheus Hotel accommodation is arranged around a core in each wing of the building. The exoskeleton structure of the building works with two concrete cores, providing the main vertical and horizontal load-bearing elements and upholding the client’s vision for a unique building. Structural Designer: BuroHappold Engineering

10. Award for Structural Artistry: Qingdao World Expo City
Awarded for building projects in which an adequate and worthy solution has been transformed by the vision and skill of the structural engineer into something exceptional.

structural engineering award artistry

This cross-shaped exhibition gallery at Qingdao World Expo City connects twelve independent exhibition halls. The gallery is open on all sides, forming an open light layout. The elegant prestressed cable-arch structural system uses triangular flexible ties, PC plates on the roof, and different connectors spreading all over the structure. Structural Designer: China Architecture Design & Research Group

11. Award for Structural Artistry (non-building structures): Vessel
Awarded for creative structures in which the vision and skill of the structural engineer has been paramount. Structures may include but are not restricted to sculptures, demonstrator projects, motorway gantries, floating structures, moving structures and cranes.

structural engineering award artistry
Images: © Timothy Schenck

This interactive Vessel sculpture creates a new innovative centerpiece for the Hudson Yards redevelopment. Designed as a lattice of ramps and landings, forming a rigid, monolithic structure, Vessel is characterized by inner and outer layers of stairs comprising almost 2,500 individual steps. Structural designer: AKT II

12. Award for Sustainability: La Reference
For projects demonstrating outstanding commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment in the structural design – selected by the judges from all the entries.

structural engineering award sustainability

A charitable engineering project to support the construction of a new secondary school in Haiti, La Reference provides new classrooms to 150 students. Situated in a highly seismic zone and an area prone to hurricanes, the school’s resilience was paramount. Structural designer: Eckersley O’Callaghan

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