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A Difficult Sanctuary

At Christ the King Vineyard Church, an extensive renovation included a sound reinforcement upgrade. To ensure the best possible coverage throughout the uniquely-shaped space, the decision was made to deploy the combination of a WorxAudio X5i-P powered all-in-one compact line array, an X118i-P powered subwoofer, and WorxAudio Wave Series W-12Ai powered high efficiency loudspeakers. And to complete the system, the existing digital console was replaced with the PreSonus StudioLive 32 Series III console and two PreSonus EarMix 16M personal monitor mixers.

Breeze Stage and Studio LLC of Jensen Beach, FL, an AV design / build firm owned and operated by Jennifer Breeze Timmerman, designed and deployed the new SR system at Christ the King Vineyard Church. After consultation with church leadership, Timmerman decided to deploy a combination of line array and point source loudspeakers to fill this sanctuary.

“It’s a triangle-shaped hall, with each of the three sides of the room measuring approximately 110 feet,” Timmerman says. “The stage spans the majority of one of those three walls and faces the rear corner of the room at a distance of 95 feet. Seating is moveable, with a capacity for approximately 400 worshippers.”

The contemporary, music-driven services feature a full worship band with drums, multiple guitars, keyboards, bass, and percussion, along with a vocal team.

Timmerman and her team flew a WorxAudio X5i-P powered all-in-one compact line array, which is attached underneath a single WorxAudio X118i-P powered subwoofer. This combination of loudspeakers is positioned over the front center area of the stage. For sidefill, there are two suspended WorxAudio Wave Series W-12Ai powered high efficiency point source loudspeakers—one each for the left and right. Working with the center cluster, these loudspeakers are positioned to provide even coverage to the entire room.

While most of the people on stage during services are outfitted with wireless in-ear monitoring systems, two members of the praise band—the drummer and percussionist—are now each using a PreSonus EarMix 16M 16 x 2 AVB-networked personal monitor mixer. “These new monitor mixers are ideal for those two musicians,” Timmerman reports, “as they provide greater ability to fine-tune what’s important to them while also ensuring plenty of level for their headphones. When wireless IEM isn’t a necessity, the EarMix is an affordable and powerful alternative.

“With the old SR system, members of the congregation had been complaining about poor coverage and lack of intelligibility, so the ability to provide even coverage throughout the room was crucial. As the WorxAudio X5i-P has an unusually broad 160-degree horizontal dispersion pattern, this single loudspeaker system was able to cover most of the room’s approximately 180-degree span. By adding the WorxAudio Wave Series W-12Ai powered loudspeakers for the sides, we were able to comfortably cover the extreme sides of the room. This combination provided the even coverage that was sorely needed while providing great intelligibility and very natural sounding music reproduction. Further, the single WorxAudio X118i-P subwoofer packs plenty of punch and does a great job of filling in the bottom end of the frequency spectrum.”

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