Calibre LEDView400 HQV

Calibre has introduced the new LEDView400 HQV scaler-switcher.
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Calibre LEDView400 HQV

Mar 11, 2011 5:52 PM

Calibre has introduced the new LEDView400 HQV scaler-switcher. Harnessing the power of the Reon video processor from IDT, the LEDView400 runs HQV algorithms with Calibre-designed hardware and firmware. Capable of performing the roles of routing switcher and universal interface in a single, compact 1U box, the LEDView400 can connect HD-SDI, DVI, HDMI, composite, S-Video, component, and SVGA video sources. The HQV algorithms will remove picture noise from poor-quality SD video sources, while the de-interlacing reduces image flicker and artifacts. Drag-and-drop capability offers picture resizing to fit the connected LED screen. Price: NA

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