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Canon LV-7575 Projector

The HD-compatible LV-7575 features a brightness of 5500 ANSI lumens and comes with an increased range of image controls

Canon LV-7575 Projector

Dec 7, 2006 2:53 PM

If you’re looking for the best and brightest that Canon has to offer, you’ve found it: the LV-7575. The 5500 ANSI lumen LV-7575 is up to any challenge you can throw at it—especially a permanent installation in a boardroom or theater. It’s HDTV and HD compatible and comes with more image controls than ever before. Not only that, it delivers all the optical performance you’d expect from a Canon, as well as features that let you make the most of all that power.

Features include 5500 ANSI lumens, XGA Resolution, a Canon Optics 1.3x zoom lens, 10-bit processing power lens shift, network capability, quiet 36dB operation, and multiple images modes.

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