CASE STUDY: Delaware North, Buffalo, NY

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Delaware North owns and operates worldclass venues in sports, gaming, hospitality, retail, leisure and more. When this customer-centric company began designing its new headquarters in Buffalo, New York, it wanted to reflect its unrivaled attractions within the space. After seeing NanoLumens solutions in its TD Garden sports and entertainment venue in Boston, the company decided to install a NanoWrap display in the main reception area of its corporate headquarters to engage employees and visitors with high-tech graphics and messaging from the minute they walked through the door.

“The architect suggested light boxes,” said Kerry Hassen, senior manager of brand and social strategy at Delaware North. “However, we felt that light boxes didn’t show the high-tech, innovative presentation that we desired.”

According to NanoLumens director of sales, Northeast, Dana Michaelis, the Delaware North team made it clear that they wanted a technology solution that could be fully integrated into the design of the reception area. “At NanoLumens, we call this ‘TechOrating,’ and it aptly describes what we do best on a project like this,” he said. “We don’t just ‘hang’ a display. We make our technology an integral part of the overall design of the installation environment. That point where technology meets interior aesthetic is, to us, the ‘Tech-Orating’ point.”

The vivid, 74-foot by two-foot NanoWrap solution seamlessly wraps around a curved wall directly in the middle of the reception area, offering Delaware North an ideal messaging platform that gets updated three times per day. Visitors and new employees see their names in lights on the NanoWrap display as they step off the elevator. Additionally, whenever a Buffalo sports team is playing, Delaware North displays the score of the game so employees can cheer on their home team while in the office. Although located on the building’s 10th floor, the NanoWrap solution is so bright that pedestrians walking outside can see it.

“The front of the building is a curved glass atrium that faces the street corner in Buffalo’s entertainment district,” Hassen continued. “The ability to have the NanoLumens display show through the glass in the evening and throughout weekend, when there is a high volume of people on the street, was a key factor when selecting the technology.”



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