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Case Study: Eagle Church, IN

With its mission of engaging people to live everyday life with Jesus, Eagle Church prioritizes intelligibility of the spoken word and competent reinforcement of the music. To ensure these concerns were suitably addressed, church leadership recently elected to deploy a new sound reinforcement setup using loudspeaker technology drawn from the WorxAudio catalog of PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.

Force Technology Solutions of Greenfield, IN designed and installed the new sound reinforcement system. The team ultimately deployed a system consisting of WorxAudio XL1 two-way, high efficiency, line array loudspeakers, V5 compact line array enclosures, and TL218SS extreme high SPL extended bass subwoofers.

“Eagle Church is housed in a contemporary structure,” explains Brady Davis, Director of Sales at Force Technology Solutions. “The sanctuary is a multi-use space that is 145 feet wide by 85 feet long. The stage is recessed into the center of the room and it faces into the width of the space. Ceiling height is 36 feet. While the room has a seating capacity of roughly 2,300 people, services are currently averaging approximately 700 worshipers. Services are what I would describe as high impact contemporary where the average SPL on Sunday is around 90 dB. Music plays a vital role in their services.”

The new sound system consists of two flown 9-element WorxAudio XL1 loudspeaker clusters—one each for the left and right sides of the stage. Over the front edge of the stage, there is a center cluster consisting of eight WorxAudio V5 compact line array enclosures. Low frequency support is provided by six WorxAudio TL218SS subwoofers. These enclosures are flown in two 3-box end fire arrays suspended just slightly behind the center V5 loudspeaker hang.

Brady pointed to sound quality and the dispersion characteristics of the equipment choice. “When you need to cover a wide area—as we did on this project—the PreSonus WorxAudio loudspeakers are a great choice. The XL1s have an industry leading horizontal dispersion of 160 degrees. The LCR (left-center-right) design of this system allows the left and right hangs to cover the entire facility, with the center V5 hang providing additional vocal support.

“We have always been very pleased with the service and support we’ve received from PreSonus,” Brady reports. “Tony Flammia (Director of PreSonus’ Commercial Audio Division) even made a second trip—no additional cost to us or the client—to re-tune the system because he felt improvements could be made.”

The new sound system at Eagle Church was installed during March 2018 and was placed into service the following Easter Sunday. Since that time, Brady reports the system has been performing above and beyond expectations. “Early returns have been extremely positive from the client,” Brady said.


WorxAudio XL1

These are two-way, ultra-compact, high-efficiency speakers, which support speech and music with a large format 1.4-inch exit compression driver coupled to a stabilized proprietary FlatWave former. Dual 8-in. cone transducers and the Acoustic Intergrading Module (AIM) minimize cone filtering.

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