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Case Study: Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic, WA

Sometimes high impact video is about more than size. The Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC), part of the Seattle Children’s health care network, recently added three interior LED video walls to enhance the clinic’s atmosphere, promote the hospital’s mission, and help provide children and families with a supportive atmosphere. The displays feature a variety of soothing nature content. AV integrator and SNA Displays channel partner Electrosonic provided installation services for the SNA LED screens.

The largest of the three screens is a lobby video wall and the other two are spread throughout the facility. The lobby display is a BOLD Interior LED display with a 2.5mm pixel pitch that can be seen through the 30ft glass building façade from Martin Luther King Jr Way, and by passengers on Seattle’s light rail system. The display is 8ft 10in tall and 11ft 10in wide, with a resolution of 1,080 x 1,440 pixels.

The other two screens are SNA BRILLIANT Interior LED displays that feature 1.8mm pixel spacing. The pair of vertically oriented displays are 6ft 8in x 3ft 11in and have a resolution of 1,080 by 640 pixels. One is located in the waiting room of the facility’s dental hygiene center and the other is in the behavioral health and rehabilitation clinic.

Located in a diverse, low-income neighborhood of Seattle’s Rainer Valley, the OBCC is a donor-funded clinic with a mission to provide wholistic health care to underserved families at low or no cost. It was named after health care activist Odessa Brown, who fought to bring quality, wholistic healthcare to children in the city’s Central District.

“Our goal is to plant the seeds of hope for children who have learned to associate hospitals with pain,” said Ryan Elwell, IT manager for Seattle Children’s. “By beautifying the space with LED-based artwork, we can make visitors feel more at home and provide meaningful content that makes people stop and pay attention. We’ve seen a positive reaction from staff and visitors. Folks love the screens.”

Since the displays were installed, the clinic has been showing calming biophilic content created by digital art and brand specialist cFire, but Elwell said the hospital will soon be utilizing the screens for more.

“We’re also working with SNA Displays’ Client Service Group to expand beyond nature scenes with content that will continue to set us apart from other clinics, get people excited about the hospital’s mission, pull in more donors, and share important stories,” said Elwell. “We also want to communicate health information in a more fun and memorable way.”

Elwell anticipates using the screens to boost messaging about an upcoming celebrity fundraiser, increase continuity between the web and the real world, and share videos from the cooking classes the OBCC hosts in its commercial kitchen to teach families how to make healthier meals.

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